Monday, September 6, 2010

10 weeks old already!

Hi friends and family.  Sorry it's been so long since I've updated...go figure we've been busy!  Busy eating, pooping, growing, smiling, holding our heads up, crying, cuddling, cooing, and best of all being spoiled rotten!  

Both babies are doing well.  About a week ago we ended up putting Vivian's feeding tube down.  Each feeding just became a bit more of a struggle for our little lady.  She was hungry and getting frustrated because she couldn't quite coordinate the eating from a bottle thing.  Since Friday we have been tube feeding every feeding to give her a break and hopefully get a fresh start when we start bottle feeding again.  Matt and I will touch base with the doctor again tomorrow to see when we'll start reinitiating bottle feeding.  She was frustrated, Matt and I were frustrated because we felt like we couldn't do anything to help her.  This weekend we got our happy little girl back!  Both babies are smiling now and it's such a reward!  We haven't quite talked the babies into sleeping more then about 4 to 5 hours at a time in the night.  Plus, we've now stopped waking one when the other one wakes in an effort to give them more of a chance to sleep through the night so really the frequent 2 to 3 hour feedings in the night haven't really let up for us :) It's coming, a little more time and we'll get there!  One day we'll look back and reminisce about all this and in the heck did we do that!  

Enjoy our pictures!

Matching jammies!

Bath time!

Bella keeps watch over Oliver who is napping on his tummy :)

Vivian naps on Mommy.

Oliver (and his second chin) sits in the Bumbo, he's still a little bit little but he is so strong!

Mommy and Oliver have a chat about sleeping through the night...Oliver still isn't convinced it's a good idea.  

It's virtually impossible to capture two infants smiling at the same time!

40 takes later...this is the best we could do!

Vivian's serious face.

Vivian's sweet smile.

Swapping sleep sacks!  Oliver has grown out of the newborn size and Vivian hasn't grown into her bigger size so when Mommy needs to do wash, they have to share :)


Adrianne said...

I love how snuggly they are swaddled. Sophia LOVED to be swaddled up until almost 7 months!!!

Karen Pruden said...

They look great, Krista!! You go with that "tummy-time nap time"!!! Glad to hear Vivian is back to her old self--she is lucky to have you as mom and know when she needs a break from the bottle!! Hugs to all. Love, KP

Lisa said...

They are SO beautiful!

Joyce said...

Cute little snuggle bugs! They change so fast...LOVE and XOXOX to both you and the babies.

Joyce said...
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Pam said...

Such sweeties! How is it possible that they are 10 weeks old already? They are just too cute! Hugs & kisses to everyone at your house!

Tori!! said...

Thanks for the update! Love the pics!

Mindy said...

I miss my little niece and nephew and need to come visit them soon! They are getting so big and changing with every picture I see. Hope you both are doing well and keeping up with your sleep! Love you!