Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vivian and Oliver turn 2!

I remember every detail from 2 years ago today.  It started at 3 AM when my water broke, followed by a 2:30 PM c-section and finally holding my babies in the special care nursery.  What a ride!  I wouldn't change a minute.  Who would have thought my little babies would grow up so fast?!  

Make a wish!

Opening gifts

A new fun water table!

On their actual birthday they woke up to a few more surprises...running through balloons and streamers!

Eating a a few goldfish crackers in their new chairs!

Daddy took the day off and we went to the zoo!

We ended their birthday with some celebratory ice cream...followed by a birthday bath!  

Fun times

Playing at the Children's Museum, these 2 love the to play in the kitchen.

Playing in the sand at the museam for the first time with GeeGee.  

Happy Father's day Dada!

Shopping at Target, he insisted on wearing his sister's hello kitty sunglasses!   

Kenny Chesney concert on the Today show stopped them both in there tracks.   They know good music.  And then they asked me if that was Dada?!? Their daddy doesn't sing country music nor has he ever worn a cowboy hat.  They are so silly!  

And then the next day the Justin Bieber concert stopped Vivian in her tracks...we could be in trouble! (please ignore the naked baby doll and the fact that Vivian has only a diaper on, that's the way we roll sometimes!)

Both kids all tuckered out after a fun cookout.  I love sleeping babies.  

PBS at the park

We loaded up the new mini van with our kids, Aunt Mayme and Jojo and headed downtown for the PBS at the park.  It was fun, hot, and super crowded.  We stayed for about an hour and squeezed in as much fun as we could.  

Vivian coloring.  

We didn't wait in any of the 50-60 people lines to get our picture taken with the PBS characters but Oliver did give the Chick-fil-a cow a five and he was more then thrilled to do that.  Vivian is a little more shy and not too interested in meeting big scary cows.  

Playing at the gymboree booth.  

Playing at the gymboree booth.  

Super Pregnant...

...and couldn't be happier!  I am more then thrilled to still be pregnant!  As of right now I have a scheduled c-section for 7/11/12.  But don't go putting that in your calendars in anything but pencil because I'm already thinking I'm going to change the date.  I think there's something to be said for the body going into labor on it's own and the baby being ready to enter this big world! Because I'm crazy I'm thinking about pushing the date back to closer to my actual due which is the 18th.  My doctor said it's completely up to me, so we shall see.  I am seeing her every week at this point so we will touch on that as the date gets closer.  Honestly, tomorrow I will be 37 weeks and would be ok with delivering any day my body and this baby says she's ready.  I was at the doctor on Monday and she checked my cervix and it was still long and closed yet softening.  Every day is a good day.  

Also taken at 34 +6

This sign says 36 +6 but apparently it didn't want to stay upright and I didn't realize it until I downloaded the pictures.  (maybe it's a sign??)

This is the last picture I have of me pregnant the first time, even though I didn't deliver until 33+6.  I'd like to think I'm no bigger at nearly 37 weeks then I was at 32 with V & O???

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture post update

My sick baby taking a shower.  

Building a tower and clapping for himself, so proud!

Taking a swim on the deck (Vivian's sampling the water).

Bouncing at the children's museum.  

Helping Pa dig.

New bike!

New bike!

A bath with cousin JoJo.  

An adult weekend for my friend Annemarie's wedding!  Love these ladies.  

Do stickers go on my face?

Swinging with GiGi at her new house

What?  I'm not supposed to be up here standing on the farm?

Ready for bed wearing Pa's hat.  

A text photo sent to mommy at work before bed.  

Coloring with Aunt Mayme.  

Wearing shades.  

Our latest family photo taken by Jamie Sangar.  Visit her website www.jamiesangar.com visit her blog and you can see many more!