Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we've been up to lately...

Vivian is big into hugging right now....mostly stuffed animals but will also hug Mommy, Daddy, Oliver and the dogs (if and when she can catch them).  

Oliver looking very cute on our way to the museum (please ignore the disaster zone in the background).   Oliver is big into TV these days (which is what his is looking up at in this picture), he prefers one of three shows.  His favorite being Super Why!, closely followed by Sesame Street and Sid the Science Kid.   The only other thing that occasionally catches his attention is the radar when the weather update comes on during the local news.  Who knows?!?!?

We met Jamie and her son Noah (on the left) and Emily and her boys Brooks (and Harrison, not pictured) and my kids in the double stroller the museum.  

Harrison wasn't in the picture because he was too busy driving the race car!

Oliver...not too happy to drive the race car...this should have been foreshadowing of how his day was going to proceed...

Again,  unhappy to put on the water apron....

 oooo....water....Vivian likes water!

Vivian and Oliver both ended up enjoying the water....

Vivian on her first date with Brooks...PIZZA!

We met the Bloede's at the IU game for our first tailgate and football experience....
The boys were in matching cute. 

 Our happy family in Bloomington!

My sweet girl with ranch dip on her lips...a girl after her mama's heart!

 Big boy with a silly face!

 Daddy and Vivian feeding the giraffe.  How fun!

Oliver watching the stingrays at the zoo...I'm kinda thinking he needs a hair cut soon...thoughts?