Monday, June 24, 2013

Violet 10 to 11 months!

I'll skip the excuses of why I haven't blogged (same old thing...busy with 3 kids under 3, work, keeping the house standing, blah, blah, blah).  The good news is not much has changed so I'll spare the update regarding stats and nap schedules, etc.  We have been in a really regular routine since Violet's 9 month update.  The most notable new milestone is our baby is turning into a walker!  She can stand up from the floor, without using anything to pull herself up.  She can take upwards of 9-10 steps at a time.  It's the standard "Frankenstein" walk but she's determined!  

So, I'll let my pictures tell our story...

My baby is 10 months old!

3 kids under 3 at Sam's Club.  This was a rare moment when the big kids actually wanted to ride.  Usually, they are walkers/roamers.  I can shop much faster like this!

My happy girl!

At the zoo with our friends Emme and Claire!

Dinner date with our friends Emme and Claire.  

Boat ride.  

Violet wasn't too keen on that lifejacket but she enjoyed the breeze!

Had to bribe this one on the boat ride with a sucker.  The good news is I do believe she'd do it again!

She tried a little ice cream at the local strawberry fest...yum!

Strawberry fest with Paw and GeeGee!

We crashed the weekly dinner date my parents have with my sister and niece.  The kids requested GeeGee to sit at their table.  She's such a good sport!

My niece Josephine before her dance recital.  ADORABLE!

Violet joined the big kids for a picnic!

New swimsuit and new shoes = a happy girly girl!

Aunt Amy helped the kids make lemonade.  We love summer fun!

More zoo fun!

Caught this little lady raiding the pantry!  She had a four legged accomplice.  

Selfie with silly faces.  

Our latest adventure is making the kids cribs into "big kid beds".  (Yes, at almost 3 years old they were still sleeping in cribs!) They have done surprisingly well.  The first few nights I think they were kind of scared or intimidated but since then they've done okay.  They still take a nap every day and go down without getting up out of their "big kid bed" and call for me when they get up in the morning and after nap. Win!

My baby is turning into a big girl too!