Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter fun!

We celebrated Easter morning at my parents house.  Our last holiday in their current home because they are moving!  Moving in with us! read that right but it's just temporary.  Their house sold quickly and now the house they bought won't be ready for approximately 30-60 days.  Matt and I are going to take advantage of the live in baby sitters and check some things off our list of things to do before baby #3 gets here.  Buy new car, buy third crib, get 4th bedroom fixed up for baby #3, mulch (I'll be supervising), etc.  And besides, we owe them.  We lived with them for about 6 weeks before we moved into our current house.  They had 3 egg hunts.  One at school, one at my in-laws and one at my parents.  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the other 2 hunts (it's hard to chase 2 toddlers and get pictures, let alone remember the camera!) but they had so much fun at all 3!  Pictures below of our last easter egg hunt in the house my parents have lived in for 14 years.  

Oliver finding and opening his eggs.  

Vivian  found a pink egg.  

"Hey don't help me!" Love that little scrunched up mean face!

JoJo found a lot of eggs!

One of the only pictures we got with him in his matching pink tie!  He didn't really dig the tie as much a I did!

Daddy and his big girl.  

Playing with toys at GeeGee's house.  

Growing baby #3

I still feel great.  I'm feeling kinda large but in a good way.  No swelling yet, still sleeping well, still hauling around my 2 almost 2 year olds!  They both will come up to my belly unprompted and pat, hug or kiss it and say "baby".  Vivian is obsessed with babies right so I'm hoping that continues when we bring this baby home in a few months.  She was peeking in every stroller at the Children's Museum today looking for babies.  We ran into friends who have a one month old and she was begging to hold her.  She's content for now to drag around her baby dolls and change their diapers 10 x per day!  She's also such a big helper.  She insists on handing me each and every item out of the dishwasher when it's time to put the dishes away.  She also insists on handing me and shaking out (just like I do) each piece of laundry from the dryer as it's ready to be folded.  She enjoys tending to Oliver's needs and would love to help change his diaper, however Oliver isn't always such a fan of Vivian's help.  She's eager to bring Oliver his lovie and paci before bed.  They each ask for the other when they wake up from nap or in the morning.  Oliver latest obsession is the alphabet.  He can identify every letter and does so all day.  If we are out running errands he points to letters all around him shouting their "names".  Recently they've both become good helpers at cleaning up their toys before bed, let's hope this sticks!  They are both so smart and compassionate (maybe I'm bias?) :)

Things I get asked or told often include: "Just one this time?" "Are you sure it's just one?" People look at Oliver and Vivian and then say "Oh, how old are they?" referring to O &V "Oh, they're twins?" Yep, Mr. O just outweighs his sister by 6 or 7 pounds!  "Oh you're going to be a busy mommy!" to which I reply, "What better do I have to do beside be a mommy and love my babies!"