Thursday, February 21, 2013

Violet is 7 months old!'s the truth!  7 months already!  

I've taken to blogging once a month and it seems I can keep up with that expectation I've given myself.  It's not often enough but these 3 kids keep me moving and shaking!  I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy these babies while they are little.   They are getting big so fast!  

Violet is fabulous.  
-She's wearing 6-9 month clothes
-size 3 diapers
-eats 4 bottles per day 7-11-3-7 (ish)
-eats (and loves) baby food 2x per day
-loves MumMums and puffs and drinking water from a straw sippy cup
-she sits up on her own and will easily get to her belly to roll around
-takes 2-3 naps per day, not a champion napper but I do have it synced so all 3 kids go down for an "afternoon" nap simultaneously (a miracle in and of its self!) This gives me time to do my "chores", take a quick nap if I have to work that night or just zone out and watch my shows....a 1-2 hour break to recharge!  
-sleeps 11 -12 hours at night and (fingers crossed) mostly sleeps without interruption.  About 2 or 3 times every 2 weeks she's up to eat in the night but maybe that just means she's growing?!  When she is up, I can't seem to talk her back into going to bed without a little snack.  Oh well, occasionally she wins!  :)  
-She's very easy going and loves watching he big sister and brother run circles around her.  
However...not for long.   She can roll and roll and roll all over the place, scoots backwards and somehow gets to her desired destination.  So it won't be long until she's on the move and I'll be chasing her all over the house!  

I'm 7 months old today!

Movie night!  Don't worry, that happy baby in the background is well supervised!  

Vivian loves to make crazy faces and take pictures!

My easy going shopper.  

Loving my sippy cup!

GeeGee and Vi on the sidelines watching the big kids play!

Big kids playing at the "gym".  

Crazy Mommy playing in the tunnel with Oliver.  

Grandpa Dave with his grandbaby.  

Love a picture of sleeping baby.  

Pretend sleeping in Oliver's bed.  

Paw and Vivi snuggles!

Big kids are great.  Vivian is very much potty trained.  No accidents, no diapers at nap and wakes up dry about 50% of the time...this is all on her own doing.  Oliver, well, he potties on the potty when he wants or when he is in need of a "M&M prize"  90% of his #2's go in the potty, which I appreciate.  When he's ready, I'll be ready.  No rush, he'll get it. 

 Oliver  still loves his trains and loves Thomas.  However, he also has new love for Dora?!  Vivian has been getting a Dora sticker each time she goes potty at school which sparked her love for Dora and it must have carried over.  

Vivian still loves her babies.  Diapers them, puts them down (face down?) for naps and cover them each head to toe with their blankets and then hands out paci's to each of them.  She reads to them, feeds them their bottle and holds them in her lap and colors with them...she's very nurturing. 

 Recently, we've found a new love for the library and has re-sparked their interest into sitting still long enough to read multiple books before bed.  I think they were bored with our selection.  They both love riding their bikes in the basement super fast!  We are excited for spring! 

Life's good.  Busy but good.  Between a full time working Daddy, a part time working Mommy and 3 kids under 3 we are busy yet blessed.  


I know this was months ago but I am blogging for my ever fading memory.  

These pictures were stolen from Facebook from Aunt Mindy's wedding.  

Running down the aisle to into Daddy's arms.  

Violet at about 6 weeks old.

Booms for Aunt Mindy.