Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random fun.

Violet's first bubble bath with the big kids!

She loves to wear Vivian's helmet.  Safety first!


Violet trying her first sucker!  She loved it and was a sticky mess!

Tire swing fun!

Just a typical night playing outside.  

A great big sister helper.

Vivan is such a great helper with Violet and Violet really loves her big sister.  

Aunt Amy's birthday party fun!

Just the boys!

Leaving Riley Children's Hospital with Daddy.  Smiling and happy because we don't take it for granted  we have healthy, happy babies.  At Oliver's 3 year check up the pediatrician noticed Oliver had a little heart murmur.  Although our pediatrician wasn't overly concerned she referred us to a cardiologist at Riley.  Oliver checked out healthy and they type of murmur he has he should grow out of in the next few years.   


In August the big kids started preschool.  Just 2 mornings a week form 9 - 11:45.  They really seem to like it and enjoy going and learning new things.  

When the big kids are at school you'd think she'd be easy to keep my eye on...but this girl is fast.  And she's a climber with no fear.  

This was school picture day.  

And then I had to pick from all of these!  My kids actually smiled for the camera!

Wrapping up the summer.

Best buds...most of the time....

Neighborhood fun with the slip 'n slide  

Slip 'n sliding with the neighbors.  

Daddy had to show them how it was really done! 

Pool fun!

Such a gentleman.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

While mom and dad are away....

Matt and I went on a "work" trip to Las Vegas.  Matt's company took us to Vegas for a long weekend. While Matt had some work things to do...I enjoyed the pool and actually read an entire book!  

Here are a couple pictures from our trip and a couple "stolen" pictures from fun with Aunt Amy, Josephine, GeeGee Pam and Aunt Mindy.  

Josh Groben played at the gala.  

Along with Cheryl Crow...pretty fancy!


Back at home...this was happening.....

Thanks to Aunt Amy, David, Josephine, GeeGee Pam and Aunt Mindy for helping us to make this happen!  We had an awesome weekend away but we were more then ready to give our 3 babies lots of love when we got home!