Sunday, August 4, 2013

While mom and dad are away....

Matt and I went on a "work" trip to Las Vegas.  Matt's company took us to Vegas for a long weekend. While Matt had some work things to do...I enjoyed the pool and actually read an entire book!  

Here are a couple pictures from our trip and a couple "stolen" pictures from fun with Aunt Amy, Josephine, GeeGee Pam and Aunt Mindy.  

Josh Groben played at the gala.  

Along with Cheryl Crow...pretty fancy!


Back at home...this was happening.....

Thanks to Aunt Amy, David, Josephine, GeeGee Pam and Aunt Mindy for helping us to make this happen!  We had an awesome weekend away but we were more then ready to give our 3 babies lots of love when we got home!


Joyce said...

I think they all did great! Looks like they had a lot of fun!

Mindy said...

We had SO much fun but they definitely missed their Mommy & Daddy!