Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Fun

A mini firework show put on by Daddy.  

We actually woke the kids up to enjoy the many, many huge fireworks going off all around us.  

Riding the carousel at the museum.  

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Look at me...I'm a dinosaur!

A trip to the Zoo with Josephine!

Picnic and splash pad.

Just a boy reading his map.  

This summer we had a "mommy's helper" who helped me out a couple days a week.  Olivia was wonderful with kids (I actually babysat her and her two sisters when she was little).  She would go places with us or stay back and play with Violet so I could give the "big kids" some more "big kid" time.  And I also got to do things like grocery shop alone, get a haircut and go to the dentist while she sat with them during nap time.  It was Fabulous!  

A walk at the park. 

The Hursh trio.  

Best buds.  

Playing with friends funs toys.

Girl talk with Chandler Ludwig

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Joyce said...

These kids are growing up so fast! I love seeing them take on all these adventures!