Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 recap

My list of excuses for my lack of blogging is a mile long.  I have no great excuse.  We've just been busy living, busy watching the entire series of Breaking Bad (no spoilers please we are on the last season!) and busy having the most fun holiday season ever!

So in a nut shell, life is good.  Vivian and Oliver turned 3.5 the day after Christmas and just this past week Violet turned 18 months!  I've been busy working less and enjoying life more.   So in the most photo efficient we are.  

 They each picked out their own costume.  Oliver was Jake the Pirate, Violet and Vivian were Minnie Mouse. 

 We're off to trick or treat!

At Dull's Christmas tree farm to buy a wreath, feed animals and take wagon ride pulled by horses.   

 They were all into decorating the Christmas tree this year. 

 Morning cartoon snuggles.

 A group selfie!

 The best family shot we could get on Christmas Eve at church.  

 We went to visit Santa this year.  It started off with Vivian and Oliver being very brave and sitting on Santa's lap.  When Violet was added to the group, she was less then thrilled which set off Vivian into sympathetic tears as well.  We recovered, and even got to tell Santa our Christmas wishes. 
 First snow of the season!

 Christmas celebration with Josephine and Kinely. 

 New Years Eve celebration with Josephine and Kinely.

 Just a girl on her phone, carrying her change purse, filling her handbag.  

Snow pros!

Vacation 2013

We took a vacation to Destin Florida back in October of 2013.  We went with our dear friends The Ludwigs and had a fabulous time.  This was Violet's first trip to the ocean and she was a little leary.  Oliver and Vivian loved it.  Oliver could have stayed in the ocean jumping in the waves all day.  Vivian was happy to play in the sand and in the water.  Violet was happy to be held.  :)

Violet's first look at the ocean and she's not so sure!

 Love that feeling of water on your toes!

 If she wasn't being held, she wasn't happy. 

Happy as can be!

Just enjoying the water and the view.  

 6 kids 5 and under.  
Vivian, Chandler, Harrison, Brooks, Violet and Oliver

Water baby enjoying the pool!