Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was full family, friends, and fun. Here are just a few pictures to show you what we did over the holidays....

Mindy, Nick, and Dave watching Christmas Vacation playing "Clark" our family tradition. Notice, Mindy is drinking from a moose mug!

Lisa, Lesley and I at Lesley's Christmas party. Lisa is expecting her second baby in February!

Matt hanging out with Wyatt, Lisa's adorable little boy.

Dave and his mom, Grandma Bobby

My dad, with a Christmas gift from Santa. The gift was wrapped using about 7 or 8 different pieces of scrap wrapping paper. (Interestingly enough, Santa's handwriting looked much like his own and he was pretty impressed with Santa's crafty work and the 2 pair of perfectly fitting jeans squeezed into the box!)