Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big kids!

Just a quick note, mostly for my own records really.

At our 15 month appointment this past week...

Oliver weighed in at 26.1 pounds (68%...really that's it?! He just seems so big next to his little sister), 31.5 inches tall (56%) and he's still rocking the 99th percentile OFC at 50.8 cm.

Vivian weighed in at 19.8 pounds (7%...up from the 4% at 12 months!), 30.5 inches tall (45%) and her OFC 46.7cm (70%).

Another round of statistics in 3 months when they are 18 months old, how is that possible?!?

Monday, October 3, 2011

15 month update

So it's been awhile since I posted and since I've updated on what we are doing!  We are having so much fun,  The two things I hear most frequently are, "Has it gotten easier?" or "Wow, you've got your hands full."  and the answer to that question and that statement are yes and no and yes and no.   (This does NOT include the obvious questions I also get VERY frequently..."Are they twins?" Yep Oliver's just a big boy and Vivian is just a lil' peanut. "A boy and a girl?" Yep, hence the blue and the pink they almost always have in some part of their daily attire.  Yes, I know Oliver's hair is gettting long and  has curls and I realize without a bow in Vivian's growing hair you may wonder but really?  Yes, the babies are so much fun now and much more independent.  They are starting to interact with each other more and more.  They play peak-a-boo with each other, they push each other, they steal toys from each other but best of all they hug each other.  And yes, my hands are full but I like to say (which, I stole this statement from a fellow blogger) "Yes, my hands are full but so is my heart!"  I can't imagine life any other way.  I also say, having twins as my first children, I don't know any different.  I don't get a lot of "chores" done while they are awake unless Matt's home because they move very fast and typically in two different directions.  They love to help empty the dishwasher, unload the dryer, rearrange furniture and pull out clothes from the dresser drawers while I'm putting clean clothes away...let's just say I get twice as much done when they are napping!

A quick update on Vivian....
We haven't been for our 15 month check up so I don't have an updated weight just yet but we go next week so I'll keep you posted.  She's drinking her milk well, taking 16-24 oz per day.  She's still wearing a size 3 diaper during the day and a size 4 diaper at night to keep all of her  She's wearing size 6-12 month clothing.  When we had our first few chilly days I put her right back into her 6 month winter wear from last year.  She's long but very lean.  I've since purchased her a few 9 month outfits and most of our hand-me-downs are 12 months from our favorite (only) cousin Josephine.  Vivian has a total of 14 teeth!  4 front, 4 bottom, 4 molars and most recently her bottom 2 canine teeth have popped through totaling 14 teeth!  Vivian's biggest update is that she has finally joined the walking world!  She's finally taken that leap of faith and started walking!  She can walk across the room no problem but I would say she's still doing more crawling then walking.  She started walking 2 days before we had her appointment to get fitted for orthodic insoles for her shoes.  She still got fitted and is still going to get them due to her pronating but we were overjoyed she is finally walking!  Vivian is doing a lot of babbling and at any given moment has a lot to say but Mama and Dada are her only detectable words.  She can sign "more", "all done" and "hungry".  Vivian is big into pointing now at things she's interested in or questioning.   Planes and birds flying above are the newest things Vivian has started to notice.  Vivian tends to brush things off pretty easily, falling down bumping her head, having a toy stolen from her or not getting her way aren't issues that seem to phase her too long.
Vivian's favorite things....

  • pushing her push toys
  • nibbling on board books
  • being held by mommy/daddy or geegee (Grandma Bender)
  • dogs and their water bowls
  • her lovie
  • hugging her stuffed animals
  • bath time
  • being outside
  • the bus/trashman or mailman
  • Belly buttons (beware, she'll lift you're shirt and give you a little poke in the belly button whether you're looking or not!)

A quick update on Oliver....
Oliver too is drinking his milk well taking 16-24 oz per day.  Oliver is wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and at night.  Oliver is wearing 12-18 month clothing.  He definitely needs 12 month pants due to the length and I've been buying shirts that are bigger to last us through the winter.  Oliver currently has 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth and 1 lonely molar has finally broken through.  Oliver has started saying some words including: Mama, Dada, dog, ball, bubbles, car, bath, bell bell (for Bella our dog).  Oliver does a lot of pointing too.  He can sign, "more" (mostly to read more books) "all done" "hungry" and "brushing teeth"  And like his sister, he has taken to noticing the birds and planes in the sky.  Oliver still remains our sensitive little man, when his cousin Joesphine tells him "no" or shouts in his face  "mine" that tends to hurt his feelings and sends him in to instant tears.
Oliver's favorite things

  • reading books
  • pacifier
  • lovie
  • being outside
  • chasing the dogs
  • watching Super Why on PBS
  • bath time
  • snacks
  • putting his shoes on
  • snuggling before bedtime

We are still holding on to 2 naps a day.  The babies are up around 7 or 7:30 and then nap again around 9:30 and then again around 2:30.  The morning nap is right around an hour to an hour and a half.  The afternoon nap last at most 2 hours and I always wake them up by 4:30 because if not it seems to take them a long time to fall asleep at night.  Bedtime has been pushed back to 8:30ish but sometimes they don't fall asleep until 9ish.  They are content to just roll around in bed and wind down.  The babies can now locate their toes, eyes, ears, hair, belly/belly button and mommy's teeth.