Sunday, July 29, 2012

She's here! Please welcome...

Violet Ann Hursh

After much debate and 2 full days of life being called "baby girl Hursh" her name was choosen.   I had loved the name Violet for months but it took me some time to talk her Daddy into loving it just as much.  But knowing her now just over a weeks time, we both agree her name suits her well. 

Her birth story isn't quite as "exciting" as her brother and sister's but exciting none the less!  I was scheduled for my repeat c-section at 11:00 am on July 18th.  I truly thought I would never make it to that day.  I moved my c-section back a week believing she would come on her own.  Nope, she was too cozy.  The night before I delivered I truly believe she could sense my nerves and excitement.  She was a wild women in my belly, moving and kicking and squirming all over the place into the wee hours of the morning.  She wanted me to forever remember the feeling of her sweet movement inside my womb and I thank her for that.  Those movements inside me are feelings I never want to forget.  A true miracle.  Shortly after midnight, I feel asleep and woke around 6ish to get ready for the big day.  I was showered and ready to go just as Oliver and Vivian woke for the day.  We spent about an hour and half having a "normal" morning with them before Matt and I left for the hospital to meet our new baby girl.  My mom came over and took them to "school" for the day because that is their normal routine. 

 The night before I delivered.

 The morning of delivery.  Our last picture as a family of  4+. 

Right before my walk to the OR.  

She's here, born at 11:41 AM!  We knew from the ultrasound she was a girl but because every stranger on the street had me questioning her gender I was anxious to really know she was a girl!

Meet your Daddy!

My close friends Jamie and Jennifer from work attended her delivery.  Jamie is in the picture and Jennifer is the photographer in all the pictures taken in the OR.  I couldn't have been more lucky to have my friends at my delivery. 

And a big, healthy girl at that weighing in at 8 pounds 14.5 ounces!

 I finally get to see my baby girl. 

And at just 19 minutes of life, she and I were reconnected.  

Proud Daddy.  
Vivian and Oliver meet there new baby sister.  

 Oh the excitment!

And look what the baby brought her big brother and sister!

We seem to be getting into our grove and our new "normal".  Many more pictures to come!  We are beyond thankful for all of your text, phone calls, emails and prayers.  Thank you will never be enough. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The home stretch...

So a quick update...I was scheduled for a c-section tomorrow, July 11th, but in a moment of insanity I moved the date back to my actual due date which is July 18th.  I want this little lady to be good and ready and to be honest I would actually like her to come on her own terms so I know she's ready.  That will take away the luxury of having a scheduled delivery and having all my ducks in a row but I'm willing to compromise that for spontaneous labor of a baby and body that is ready to deliver.  In other news, I am officially done working until October.  Working night shift and being awake for nearly 30 hours with about a hour nap with the kids about did me in!  Heck, one would have thought that would of/should of put me in labor!  Over about the past 7 to 10 days I've started to feel the affects of being 38+ weeks pregnant in the 100+ degree heat.  I can't chase the kids as fast, I don't sleep quite as well and I'm just overall more tired but I know that's just part of the process and I'll take it to have a term, happy, healthy baby.  I'm still not even a centimeter dilated and only 50% effaced so who knows maybe the 18th will be the date we get to meet her!  Two days ago, I finally put a few things in a suitcase and could be ready within about 10 or 15 minutes if I need to be.  Who knows?  This may be my last post before we introduce our newest family member to the world!  Can't wait!

I'll leave you with this cute picture of my babies keeping cool in the heat!  Love them!