Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture post update

My sick baby taking a shower.  

Building a tower and clapping for himself, so proud!

Taking a swim on the deck (Vivian's sampling the water).

Bouncing at the children's museum.  

Helping Pa dig.

New bike!

New bike!

A bath with cousin JoJo.  

An adult weekend for my friend Annemarie's wedding!  Love these ladies.  

Do stickers go on my face?

Swinging with GiGi at her new house

What?  I'm not supposed to be up here standing on the farm?

Ready for bed wearing Pa's hat.  

A text photo sent to mommy at work before bed.  

Coloring with Aunt Mayme.  

Wearing shades.  

Our latest family photo taken by Jamie Sangar.  Visit her website www.jamiesangar.com visit her blog and you can see many more!

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Joyce said...

Busy, happy family! Love these photos!