Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fun times

Playing at the Children's Museum, these 2 love the to play in the kitchen.

Playing in the sand at the museam for the first time with GeeGee.  

Happy Father's day Dada!

Shopping at Target, he insisted on wearing his sister's hello kitty sunglasses!   

Kenny Chesney concert on the Today show stopped them both in there tracks.   They know good music.  And then they asked me if that was Dada?!? Their daddy doesn't sing country music nor has he ever worn a cowboy hat.  They are so silly!  

And then the next day the Justin Bieber concert stopped Vivian in her tracks...we could be in trouble! (please ignore the naked baby doll and the fact that Vivian has only a diaper on, that's the way we roll sometimes!)

Both kids all tuckered out after a fun cookout.  I love sleeping babies.  

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