Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 months old!

We are 2 months old today!  What a big day we had too, a well baby check and 2 month vaccines!  The babies were troopers, I think it was more traumatic for this mommy!  A couple big cries and it was all over and the babies were fine too!

We've had a few things happen in the past few weeks, where should we start?  Vivian is still a "tricky" feeder.  I felt like it was becoming a little harder to feed her and she was resisting the bottle more so I called the doctor late last week.  Long story short...we saw a developmental pediatric doctor on Tuesday of this week and had a feeding study under X-ray to make sure she was eating safely.  She does, in fact, aspirate thin formula so we are thickening it to help it not go into her lungs.   The doctor also sent us home with an NG tube that I may need to put down if she has difficultly feeding.  At this point we have not had to put the tube down but we have it as back up so we can keep her growing and not push her with the bottle.  The feeding study did show she does have some times where she penetrates the thick formula (meaning it comes close to the lungs) which puts her at high risk for aspiration as she tires and becomes less coordinated towards the end of eating each feeding.  It sounds kind of complicated but truly it's not.  We are just taking it one day at a time, one feeding a time.  All and all, Vivian is a very happy baby.

Oliver is just moving right along with his bottle feedings.  He takes upwards of 4 to 5 ounces with each feeding!

Vivian and Oliver have both started smiling at us and following us with their eyes.  They both hold their head up when they are on their tummy and are getting much stronger each day!  They still sleep a lot but are having more awake time too.  We think (and hope) they are starting to differentiate between night and day.  They will each sometimes go up to 4 hours in the night between feedings, last night Vivian slept a 5 hour block!   Oliver is a big boy and likes to eat so 4 hours is pushing him sometimes :)  Today Vivian weighed 8 lbs. 12.5 oz. and Oliver weighed 12 lbs. 3.5 oz.

Oliver is 2 month old today!  Doesn't he look too cute in his shorts!

Vivian on her 2 month birthday!  She doesn't let that pacifier get too far!

Oliver sleeping on the job...again.

Vivian in a cute dress.

Vivian and Oliver have matching Thomas the Train bandaids...


Joyce said...

Tummy time does that to me, too, Oliver! So snuggly! Miss Vivian, you are too cute for words in your pretty dress! Love you both lots! Love, GRANNY

Mindy said...

Oliver looks so peaceful in that picture where he's sleeping on his belly. Glad to hear that everything with doctor went well!

Tori!! said...

They look adorable! Love the dress and the shorts!

Jordan said...

They are just so sweet! Thanks for the updates--I love seeing how much these cuties are growing!