Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still growing!

Her are a few more pictures of our day to day actives.  We are headed back to the doctor for there 2 month appointment and vaccines this week so I'll update with new weights then!  But for now enjoy a few pictures....

Oliver uses a MAM pacifier and we only have a few of those, a couple happen to be pink :)

Looking ridiculous in their sleepers and hats.  

Vivian in her bloomers that are a wee bit too big still...but she does have a little double chin!

Oliver's mad face, getting ready to unleash his big boy cries...I think it's cute!

Taking a little nap.

Falling asleep on the job (tummy time).

The bandit strikes again, this pacifier has a little stuff animal attached to it...better known as a WubbaNub.

One month pictures taken by Shanae, they are already hoosier fans!

Josephine tried to steal the show!

Vivian's teeny tiny toes.

Oliver in his big bed.

Our family.

Vivian in her big bed.


Joyce said...

I just can't resist leaving a comment to say how much I enjoy the pictures. These babies are changing and growing more beautiful every day! Love you all! MOM

Mindy said...

You guys are too cute!