Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I just can't stop...

taking pictures of my babies!  Maybe because they are just so stinking cute!  So here are a few of our latest antics.

Vivian finds her thumb!

The babies are 5 weeks old! (His shirt says it all!)

Vivian was too sleepy for a photo shoot so this is the best we could do!  Oliver is still quite a bit bigger then his sister.  He takes upwards of 4 ounces at a feeding and she takes 2 -3 ounces at a feeding...she's trying to catch up!

We are trying to slowly move the babies into their cribs and since they spend about 90% of their sleeping time in their bouncy seats we thought we'd start by putting them in their seats in their cribs for a "nap". 
I know, I know, I'm pretty sure I'm still crazy :) 

The pacifier bandit is back at it!  Caught her in the act!

Vivian playing on the play mat.

Oliver playing on the play mat.

"Those are fun toys."

"So much to look at."

Such fun....

Oh wait...they're really just watching Ellen!


Joyce said...

I am always excited when I check the blog and find the new pictures. Oliver and Vivian will just get more fun as the days go by...they are already delightful and so snuggly! Keep the pictures coming. I can't get enough! Love, MOM

Mindy said...

They are getting so big! I think Oliver is starting to look more and more like Matt. And the picture of the babies in their bouncey seats in their cribs is hilarious! Love you guys!!