Thursday, September 16, 2010

More pictures

Hi friends!  We are still quite a bit different in size but little sis is trying to get as big as her brother!

Vivian reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear...her new favorite book!

Oliver was listening to reading time.  

A group shot with Noah...this is the best we could do, he actually weighs a little bit more then Vivian, she just has bigger cheeks!  We think he's definitely boyfriend material but Oliver wasn't letting Vivian get too close.  


There you are MOM.

My best friend from childhood, Joe, aka my younger brother, brought his son over to meet the babies.  Josephine was here to play too.  This is the best group shot I could get.  Vivian's hang out, Oliver's sleeping, Andrew would like to bounce Oliver a little and Josephine is telling him to "be gentle" because that's what we tell her when she wants to bounce the babies :)

The big kids looking outside.  

Andrew is giving Josephine a little friendly pat on the back.  

Two happy little babies.

The little sister....

Oliver is asleep in the swing with his arms hang out like that...too funny!

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Joyce said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love these pics and love these babies! Love, MOM