Thursday, September 16, 2010

11 weeks

Hi friends and family, sorry for the delay in updates but blogger isn't recognizing my photos and then failing to upload them once I do find them in cyber land.  Anyone else out there having these problems?  Anyways...I got a few fun pictures to upload but not everything so I'll make a brief update for now and maybe when Matt gets home we'll figure this out together!

On Monday I weighed the babies on our home scale, weighing myself first and then holding them so these weights are a rough estimate and they were each wearing a onesie.  (Plus, I am happy to report I'm back down to my prebaby weight...pat on the back to me!)  Vivian weighed 9.5 pounds and Oliver weighed in at a whooping 14 pounds!  Normally 14 pounds isn't that big of a deal but when you started at less then 6 it's quite an accomplishment!  Oliver never met a bottle he didn't like!  On the other hand we are still working with our little gal to enjoy her bottles.  We've backed off a bit more and are giving her just a couple bottles a day.  We found that she was resisting a bit more and we are just trying to be proactive, give her a bit more time to grow and hopefully her little light will turn on soon!  Keep the prayers coming!

"Pizza again mom...."

"Now were's talking."   
*Disclaimer: Granny did not want me to post this picture, but how could I resist that cute smile!

"No Vivan we will not puree these to put down your tubie...let's start with more bottles first!"

Oliver and Vivian met their new friend Noah this week!

Noah is trying to beat up on Oliver already.  (Oliver's head looks really big next to Noah, maybe it's just his pouty lip and double chin?!)

Ok I have very cute pictures of Vivian "reading" I'll try to upload later when I figure this out....


The Miller family said...

HI Krista!!! I just love reading your posts...I can't believe Oliver weighs 14 lbs!!!! We should compare O's and J's double chin to see who would win!!! :) We really should get together. Feel like getting out?? I am free mainly on tues and thurs (2 big sis in school). fyi...I have also had trouble with blogger. Try loading fewer pics at a time...seems like that works better.

Amy Strain said...

Okay so I just laugh outloud at that picture of Oliver with the pouty lip and big head...HAHAHA!