Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas celebrations!

We had a great Christmas at the Hursh Home.  There was lots to celebrate!  We celebrated Jesus's birthday, Santa visiting, our Grandma Pam and Grandma Mike are home from Ireland, the big kids having a more flexible schedule allowing us the ability to travel with ease, visiting family in town from far distances, my uncle's retirement, being called of from work on Christmas and much, much more.  

Here are our Christmas memories!

Oliver dressed up for Christmas eve church service.  (like I said, it's hard to catch this boy standing still)

Vivian looking out the window waiting for GeeGee and Papaw to arrive at church.  

Waiting for the service to start.  

We had laid back Christmas eve and decided to play dress-up with Oliver and some girls cowboy boots.  

What? Do these have pink on them?

Sad face...I want these boots off now!

Cheers!  Moose mugs like on the movie Christmas Vacation.  

Apple juice all around!

Santa stopped by!

Oliver got a big truck!

Vivian investigating her present.  She learned very quickly that she had to keep one hand on her new baby doll stroller at all times...

....because had Santa known it was going to be so popular, I'm sure he would have brought 2!

All boy...a chair is for climbing!

Opening presents

Shredding paper.

Feeding her new baby.  


Joyce said...

These sweet little ones make GeeGee grin everytime! The holidays were fun but so are the regular days! Looking forward to a great year in 2012.

The Miller family said...

Adorable! Looks like they had a great Christmas! You should have called if you needed a few pics. I am needing the practice and 18 month twins bring that challenge to a whole different level! haha

Happy New year!