Saturday, December 31, 2011

Catch up photos

So I don't have many photos to post for a few reasons.  It's hard to catch these kids sitting still.  They are always moving!  And of course the ongoing excuse of the lost camera charger.  So these are some pictures I took before I lost my camera charger....Enjoy!

GeeGee holding Josephine and Oliver on Thanksgiving.  

Now a turn for Vivian...don't look so put out JoJo, it's just one more quick photo! 

Aunt A pushing Oliver in a box...we have a million toys but a cardboard box entertains for hours!

Vivian is proud of herself walking in Aunt A's big girl shoes.  

We've learned to play with play-doh.  

Vivian and I mixed up some muffins.  

A pant-less Oliver waiting patiently for them to bake.  

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