Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I've been missing in action, I know.  I have lots of good excuses but who really wants to hear that I've been sick on and off for over a month, my husband was in Asia for over a week, I lost my camera battery charger after vacation and I was sure it would turn up but it didn't so I just got my replacement charger in the mail today (the battery is charging as I type), my babies have turned into big kids who move so fast I can't capture a picture that isn't blurry, I have nearly 18 month old twins, my kids started going to "school" (daycare) 2 days per week, it's the holidays,  I could go on and on....

Below is a video of Oliver doing the motions to the wheels on the bus.  Vivian isn't into doing the motions but she enjoys my singing of lots of goofy songs.  This was taken about a month ago but I finally remembered to have my husband post it.  I'm not computer savvy.  Oliver knows more verses but I was trying to keep the song to about one minute so I could email it to my family from my phone.  He's angry at the beginning because I started the song over when my video camera was cued up and he doesn't like it when I sing that verse again because he knows it's the end of the song.  I'd been trying to capture this on camera for about a month before I finally got an post worthy rendition.  Please excuse my voice...remember excuse #24 from above...yeah, I had been sick and lost my voice around Thanksgiving time.

Ok lots of catching up to do...I'll be posting lots of fun stuff soon!


Valarie said...

There isn't a video! Or, if there is, I can't see it.

Hopefully you are feeling better. I would imagine in a couple of days your house is going to be even more crazy with all the goodies the kids get.

Can't wait to see some pics. Even blurry ones will do! Those two are about the cutest little ones around!

Joyce said...

Just had to watch this darling video again! (about the 20th time). So cute! So smart for 18 months!