Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls weekend plus O!

So we had a fun weekend!  Friday we had a spontaneous playdate with our friends the Ludwig's!  Saturday we had a scheduled playdate with our cousin Jo-Jo while our Daddy/husband ran a mini marathon in Bloomington!  Matt did great, finishing in 2:20 minutes!  We went for a walk in the warm weather, shopping at the baby store and a few strolls around the yard!  During our playdate Josephine requested to watch "Melmo" (aka Elmo) while the babies finished their morning nap.  Oh no...Aunt "K" has no "Melmo" DVR'd like her mommy and panic began to set in, we needed keep this little lady quiet as to not wake my bad nappers!  Crisis averted, we pulled out Matt's laptop and popped in a DVD!  I told Josephine to not touch any buttons or "Melmo" would go bye-bye.  She sat so happily, like the big girl that she is with a big laptop propped ever so gently on her little itty bitty lap.  Then Miss V woke up and decided to join her!  I'm hopeful they'll grow up to be the bestest of friends!


Josephine "Vivi, no talking during the movie."

Vivian "What's all this 'Melmo' hype about?"

Then my sister stopped by the next day to pick up some things she left behind (naturally, who can possibly remember to take everything in one trip when you have a toddler?)  She showed up wearing the exact same outfit as me?!?!  Jeans, a grey tank top and the exact same black cardigan sweater!  Scary...maybe it's just imbedded in our minds to continue to dress alike after years of our mom dressing us in matching clothes!  Too funny not to post!  Still to this day at Christmas I may be in the middle of opening a gift from my mom and she'll say, "oh wait, Amy open this gift at the same time."  We are still receiving matching/coordinating sweaters, jammies, socks, jewelry...the list goes on and on!  I'm 30, I love it, I wouldn't want it any other way!  My kids are doomed!  :) (Notice they are both in stripes, I can't help myself!)
Oliver and Vivian, "Is this a trick?  Which one is my mommy?"  


Joyce said...

That outfit thing made me chuckle!
Love all of you! MOM

Mindy said...

Josephine is such a good cousin to the little ones - they are all going to have so much fun growing up together. Love it!

Mindy said...

P.S Nice work Matty on the mini-marathon - you're looking great!

Lesley said...

that is awesome about the matching outfits, sounds like my life. kids are still cute as ever!