Monday, April 11, 2011


Due to the great weather here over the weekend we finally made it to the park where there were some age appropriate swings for my babies!  We had such fun (so much fun Oliver considered a snooze in the swing...never mind the other 75+ adults and children running around him celebrating the great weather, he was taken back to his newborn naps in the swing!)

We also ventured out to get our 9 month photos taken...they went "ok", not as many smiles as the 6 month photos.  OK, truth be told...Oliver was all smiles, Vivian was a little hesitant to be out of my or my mom's arms.  Needless to say...I was sweating, out of breath from dancing around and making funny faces and my wallet was a little lighter by the time the photo session was over (smiles or not!).  

The babies are eating more and more "big people food" every day!  Blueberries, pears, bananas, green beans, black beans, pasta (not a favorite yet), yogurt (really enjoying these days!), cheese slices, crackers, cheerios..our list of favorites keeps growing!  

The babies are definitely trying to move.  Oliver can get to his hands and knees and "rock" back and forth, Vivian is starting to "army crawl" one or two "crawls" forward, then she'll roll to her back, roll to tummy and toss herself forward and repeat the process a few times.  Their biggest motivators iPhone, the computer, Vivian loves paper of any sort, Oliver wants any toy Vivian has in her hands (although Vivian is starting to protest when he takes her toys).  


Joyce said...

Now, that looks like a fun park! Swinging in the same swing won't work for long...very cute picture, but O seems to like it better than V!
Reliable Spring weather will surely be here soon...enjoy it every chance! Love to you all!

The Ludwig's said...

Love the twins in the same swing! One of my Bama friends did that all the time! Glad you found Independence Park--it's great fun!

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness! The picture of the two of them in the swing together melts my heart & also the picture of Matty with Vivian. These are adorable!

P.S Matty you're looking great all fit & trim! :)

Love from Louisville

Pam said...

So cute! Great pics!
I love all of the pics! The one where they are sharing a swing is wonderful! I also love the ones where they are in separate swings but, are keeping an eye on one another. Plus the one where Vivi is swinging by herself & waving. It looks like she is saying "Oh, hi there. I'm just swinging - I do this all the time". Too fun!