Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm behind...

I'm behind...so here's just a massive post of pictures!  

Vivian's first ponytail!  

Vivian LOVES jewelry!  She's checking out Granny's earrings.  Oliver thinks it's funny!

We went to visit Matt's Grandma Bobby last weekend, she was thrilled to meet the babies for the first time!

Well hello there Grandma Bobby!

Our dear friend Oma lives in the same nursing home as Grandma Bobby.  I use to help take care of her Grandson, David.  Oma and Lois, David's mom, set Matt and I up on my first and last blind date...and the rest is history!  Vivian likes to give "pat pats".  

Lois and Vivian playing on the floor with their gifts from Lois and Oma.  Truth be told the babies loved the paper almost as much as the toys!

Lois and Oliver get acquainted.  

Oliver chats with Oma.  

Grandma Bobby and the whole family.  

Speaking of paper....this was a well loved book.  You can't turn your head for even one second.  We'll have to get another copy, it was definitely a favorite.  

Both babies really enjoy reading books.  

Oliver on the move at Grandma Pam's house.  

Vivian is a happy girl!

Aunt Mindy and Grandma Pam snuggle the babies.  

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Joyce said...

So glad they got to meet those very important people: Grandma Bobby, Oma, and Lois! We are grateful for the role that each of those ladies has played in the lives of their Daddy and Mommy!
Oliver and Vivian's social life is picking up--party on!