Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6 month check up

So we headed out for our 6 month check up today after a LOOOOONG night.  For the past week or so Vivian has been waking up in the night, which she hasn't done in about 2 months!  I racked my brain, could it be this, could it be that...have I messed up a good thing by letting her sleep on her tummy?  Is she growing, does she need to eat?  I haven't fed her in the night for 2 months and she has always been my better sleeper.  So after she was up last night from oh say 2am - 4am "partying" I thought to myself, "perfect timing" we are headed to the doctor anyways, maybe she has an ear infection?  She hasn't been super cranky or anything and I even tried to feed her during her "party" last night...she really wasn't interested.  She was just thrilled I got her out of her crib and was all smiles!  During the night I attempt to make no eye contact so as to not encourage her wakefulness, but how can you resist that gummy grin?  Matt and I even noticed she's been touching the back of her head a lot but not her ear???  So let me just get to the point.  After explaining all this to the doctor and almost hoping she had an ear infection to explain her "partying" ways over the past week, she looked in her ears and said they looked just fine.  Darn I thought to myself...that would have been such an easy fix?!  Then she opened her mouth using her tongue depressor and there they were....TEETH!  She has not one, but TWO teeth that have broken through her gum!  Ok, so I'm not winning any mommy of the year awards but I couldn't have been more excited and baby is turning into a little girl (sorta :))!  I've been inspecting Oliver's mouth for weeks (all to find nothing), due to some fussiness and the drool that will soak his shirt down to his belly button if he's not wearing a bib!  She has her 2 bottom middle teeth coming in!  At least I have a likely culprit to her "partying" ways!  So after 3 more vaccines for each baby, they both got a dose of Ibuprofen before bed tonight!  Fingers crossed, tonight cannot be as bad as last night and if so at least I know why! 

So onto the more important stuff like stats...
We'll start with Vivian
14 pounds 0 ounces, in the 14th percentile (which is down a smidgen from the 22nd percentile)
25.5 inches long, in the 43rd percentile

18 pounds 15.5 ounces (could he get any closer to 19 pounds...I think not!), in the 77th percentile (which is down from the 83rd percentile....I told you he was thinning out!)
27.25 inches long, in the 79th percentile (I always tell people "Oliver forgot he was a preemie!")

The doctor was pleased with their developmental progress and gave me a few things to work on over the next few months but I tell you my babies are truly advanced (doesn't every mommy think so?), remember...they were born 6 weeks early!  Vivian had her hips x-rayed due to being breech and the doctor thought the x-ray looked fine but we'll wait to her the official results from the radiologist.  She was not concerned her head was getting too flat (I'm a mom, I worry) so I'm going to try and release that worry from my day to day worries!  She also told me Vivian should be taking more like 5 ounces per bottle, 4 times a day....and I thought..."thanks Doc, me too, we are doing are best here!"  Both of my babies are doing wonderful and again as I count my blessings each night my happy, healthy, thriving babies are at the very top of the list!

 A play date with our friend Alice and her mommy Erica, photo take #1...hello Vivian and Alice.  Oliver, Oliver over here!  (so maybe there is a little drool on Vivian's shirt?  Ok, ok so you are teething!)

Hello there Vivian and Oliver, Alice is no longer interested she is looking at her Mommy, photo take #284 (2 babies looking at the camera outta 3 is not so bad!)

Aunt Amy is whipping up some green beans for the babies!

Isn't she just about the sweetest??  Right behind my two babies, of course!  Ok, we'll settle for a three way tie!

Oliver trying out the new stroller his Granny got him for Christmas!

Josephine says "let me push you Oliver"!

The best Daddy in the world and his happy babies!

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