Sunday, December 12, 2010

How can I resist?

How can I resist posting pictures of these beautiful little babies?  Not much new to report but I had some cute pictures to update so I thought I'd share.  The one piece of news I do have is that Vivian officially moved to her own room.  It was kinda sad and go figure the last night they shared their room together, they slept soundly the entire night making me second guess my decision.  But my dad was armed with his tool box the next afternoon and he and I (well mostly him) took down and rebuilt Vivian's crib just down the hall.  She had her first evening nap in her own room and then my sister babysat later that evening, putting her to bed in her new room where she happily slept....all night.  Oh, I did weigh them again today and Oliver weighed in at 18.5 pounds and Vivian at 13.5 pounds.  In 2 weeks we head back to the doctor for their 6 month (can you believe?) well baby check and for an official weight and more vaccines :( We are excited for the holidays and excited to have Matt home a handful of extra days.  I love the weekends with both of us home to love and snuggle our babies.

Matt's co-worker from Japan brought these "jeans" over from Japan for the babies.  They are stretch cotton (thank goodness or Oliver wouldn't have fit in them)!

I posted this picture just for myself (because this was one of those moments I never want to forget) so disregard my post-work looking self, but Vivian fell asleep in my arms just before I laid her down in her crib.

You can find her in this bouncy seat all throughout the day.... thankfully the babies rarely use them anymore!

The onesies say it all... 

Big and lil....

The babies 1st ornaments....

Outside to experience one of their first snow falls!

Oliver and Vivian in their winter coats...

Oliver wasn't a fan of the cold, or maybe it was the hat??   Vivian where are your eyes?
 Oliver is sill mad (but you know I love the mad faces) but now I can see Vivian's eyes!

 Back inside where it's warm!

Daddy warming Vivian up!

Here are a few things we are thankful for....
  • Vivian snuggling and falling asleep on me before bed
  • Homemade baby food by Aunt Amy
  • 24 hour grocery stores
  • Zoe's new love for sleeping in the bouncy seat
  • a large enough house to give both babies a room to call their own
  • snowy days
  • a big basement so we can make a "play corner"
  • baby Bjorn's (Matt and I have been "wearing" the babies around the house for a half hour or so each evening!)
  • MumMum's


Mindy said...

The picture of you holding Vivian while she sleeps made me cry but then the photos of mad Oliver made me laugh! You guys are one happy little's great!

Love you,

Lisa said...

I love how when Oliver is furious Vivian just sits there and is not alarmed!