Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 months old!

Yep, that's right 5 months old!  Who let this happen?!?  Time is flying by!  So here's a brief update on each baby. older, yet much more petite little lady...This morning I weighed her on my home scale and she weighed in at 13.5 pounds!  She is still in size one diapers (apparently I had a lot more then I thought but soon will be in size 1-2) She is very good at rolling from her tummy to her back so much so that squeezing in our tummy time each day becomes harder and harder because she just wants to roll over.  She's wearing 3-6 month clothing still.  She is eating 4 times a day taking 3 - 5 ounces with each bottle!  She is eating very well from a spoon one time per day and has tried pears, applesauce and sweet potatoes (homemade by Aunt Amy!) younger, yet big boy...Today on our home scale he weighed in at 17.5 pounds (which is just about the same as my 14 month old petite little niece)!  I do have to say he is getting longer and leaner in his old age...haha!  He is still fitting just fine in his size 2-3 diapers, they look like a bikini briefs on him under his big belly :)  Oliver is not too good at the whole "rolling" thing yet.  He can do it, just has to get his momentum going a little more then his sister!  He's wearing size 6-9 month clothing.  He is also eating 4 times a day taking 6 - 7 ounces with each bottle.  Oliver is eating very well from a spoon and has also tried pears, applesauce and sweet potatoes.  

They love to stand on their feet (with assistance of course!) but are not sitting up independently yet.  Everything, and I mean everything, that is in their hand goes right to their mouths!  They love the Jumparoo and are just starting to like the Exersaucer a bit more.  Both babies love light up toys that make silly sounds.  They are still sharing a room at night but I am pretty sure that's coming to an end.  Some nights are great, some night they are up "partying" and feeding off of one another.  When that happens poor Vivian has to be moved out back to the pack'n'play.  I feel bad for her and think it's time she has a permanent place to call her own.  So I told Matt today as soon as we get time I think it's time to move her out.  It would be just as "easy" (read that has "hard") to move Oliver out but he's been in "their" room a bit longer and she seems to be more versatile when it comes to sleeping arrangements.  Speaking of sleep....the napping thing has gotten MUCH better in our house!  They were taking 4, 5 or 6  30 - 45 minute naps a day for about a month.  Just in the past week they been taking 3 naps lasting 1 to 2:30 hours!  I'm sure it's just part of them growing up!

We attempted to get some "professional" photos done at JC Penney's over the past weekend....major bust!  My mom, sister and I took the babies and Josephine to try and get a group shot to make a cute holiday card.  There were tears, snot, drool, bottles and blankies everywhere and not a smile to be found.  My mom pieced together 3 head shots of each baby with the most serious faces you can imagine...which was just a slight upgrade from the mad faces that were a plenty!  So below are some of my attempts to snap some shots at home...these are just a very small sampling of the hundreds I took....I thought I send out a card with these photos that says "tis the season" for a good laugh but after 3 home photo sessions and more tears and drool I think I've come up with something a little cuter.....I'll post that later! Although, their mad/sad face do give me a little giggle!

and because we are in the season of are few things we are thankful for recently....

  • giggles and laughs from both babies
  • our new "faux" pre-lit Christmas tree (we've always had real and will again someday when we can all go to the Christmas tree farm and cut one down together!)
  • Matching Christmas sleepers
  • a low census at the hospital which is allowing me to work one day a week temporarily!
  • large fountain Diet Cokes from McDonald's
  • survived 3 days and 2 nights of Mommy duty while Daddy's been out of town
  • hair gel to hold Vivian's bows in place
  • hand-me-downs from cousin Josephine
  • family time


Joyce said...

Love. love, love it! That series of mad face pictures had me giggling out loud! They are cute even when grumpy...what's that you say? You think I'm just the prejudiced Granny? Well, maybe. Thanks for another chapter in the babies' blog!

Jordan said...

These are hilarious! I love the grumpy holiday cute!

Mindy said...

I can just hear the babies saying to eachother in these pictures:

Oliver: Move Over!
Vivian: No, you move over!
Vivian: Ugh, you're crowding my space! Mom - he won't get off me!
Oliver: Mom, SHE won't get off me!
Vivian: "I'm the older move over!"

Love it!