Monday, January 10, 2011

A few pictures....and a brief update

So just a few things to update here in the Hursh home.  Oliver too has joined his sister in the agony of getting his first tooth.  I can only see one that has broken through the gum.  Like his sister it's one of his bottom middle teeth.  I said to my sister this evening that I wished it's neighbor would join in on the fun so we could get it over with all at the same time and she so kindly reminded me this is just the first of about 30 teeth!  Are they all so much "fun"?  Her daughter is getting some molars right now she confirmed...the "fun" never stops!  Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride! 

Since my last post, Vivian has found her feet (better late then never!) and Oliver can sit up unassisted for a handful of minutes at a time before he loses his balance. 

"What's this on my head mommy?"  Too busy to smile....

 Those toes are always in her hands these days.  

We got some new bath seats to put in the tub so we can bathe the babies together....
Vivian in her seat.... (she peed the instant she got into the "community" bath...we just rolled with it, I'm sure she's done it before and will do it again!)

Oliver drooling away in his seat.  

The best "group" shot I could get...let's just say I think we may wait a bit before we attempt the "group" bath the end of the bath I was nearly in the tub with them and babies are very slippery when they are wet!

Play time! (Even though Oliver's eyebrows are light, they are the identical to his Daddy's!)

This is a series of shots of Oliver trying to roll from his back to his tummy, which in turn meant "landing" on Vivian.   This happens many times throughout the day....

"Let me move you outta my way Vivian."

"There we go." -Oliver
"Are you gonna help me Mom?" -Vivian

I'm a big, big boy!


Mindy said...

Teeth! I'm not ready for them to already be getting teeth! It was so great to see the babes (as I like to call them) over the holidays - they are just too cute. They are both perfect. Happy New Year to all of you!

Love from Louisville -
Aunt Mindy

Joyce said...

These pictures sure made Granny smile! I love their beautiful little faces and their expressions...priceless!

David said...

Oh my, Grandpa Dave just so happened to be there Monday night to see those 'babes' sleeping and watching the Tostistos Bowl with their folks. Vivian rolled around some when I peeked in on her, Oliver just was sacked out cold!
We are all waiting for spring so they can go out and roll around on the deck with necessary saftey precautions taken of course! love those 'babes'!dave.j.hursh