Friday, January 21, 2011

Photo fun

 Getting ready for a dinner of homemade sweet potatoes and homemade peaches with applesauce.  Can you tell who's more excited for dinner??  

She loves to feed herself and chew on the spoon! 

Oliver loves to feed himself as well but appreciates when his spoon is refilled with more yummies.   

Both babies LOVE Mum Mum's.  Vivian eats hers slowly and enjoys each little bite... 

Oliver shoves his in his mouth where it instantly breaks into about 4 pieces and gobbles it up in seconds!

An after bath snuggle with Daddy. 

Keeping warm with Mommy 

Snowy days bring....indoor stroller rides! 

Watching it snow... 

Happy to be hanging out with mommy on a snowy day! 

My mom purchased this hat for my niece, Josephine, before she was born so we decided Vivian should have a little "photo session" modeling it as well! 


Joyce said...

Precious babies, precious memories capture by the camera! Love the photos of eating, but especially love the hat...thanks for those. Love you, MOM

Mindy said...

I LOVE that you take them on indoor stroller rides when it snows...such a good mommy! Vivian looks beautiful with her little hat on and Oliver is just happy as can be - too cute.

Miss you all.
Love from Louisville.
-Aunt M