Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 22 Pictures

My niece, Josephine, is now 6 months old...isn't she cute and flexible!? (and apparently hungry!)

Aunt Mindy had these onsies made. Matt had a t-shirt as a child that said "Hurshy" now our babies will too!

Easter presents from their Granny Bender!

Sleepers purchased by me...I can't stop shopping :)

My second 4 legged baby, Zoe!

My first 4 legged baby, Bella! (who wasn't really in the mood for a photo shoot)


Joyce said...

Awwwww! This week's post is extra cute! Love your belly, love Josephine, love the clothes, love those doggies! I just love it all!

David said...

Mindy & I had a Daja/Faja dinner @ my condo, we looked over your latest Baby(s) info and can't believe the size of things!
Then we reviewed the rest of your blog info again and really enjoyed every bit of it!
Keep going strong with your reports, we love them alot!

Mindy & Pops