Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time flys are the latest pictures of me, plus a few extras. (Just a side's picture was taken of me after working 12 hours and I think my belly looks very large but after 12 hours on your feet things start to stretch even more!) I was getting tired of looking at just me so below are a few pictures of the empty nursery as well. At this point we merely have some "tape cribs" mapped out on the floor along with a "tape dresser/changing table". We did make a major purchase yesterday and bought the actual cribs and dresser/changing table, now we just wait the 8-12 weeks for them to arrive (although they reassured us it should be much quicker!!). The pictures of the outfits are the 2 outfits I bought the day I found out we were having our baby boy and baby girl, who still remain nameless. As of right now I've been calling them my "little girl" and my "big boy"! How long once they are born do I have to name them? At this rate it could take another 6 months! Matt and I are just two indecisive people, but we are working on it! We aren't secret keepers so as soon as we know, so will you!

I'm still feeling good. My sister is on spring break this week so my productivity is at a bit of a snails pace as it's much easier to join her for shopping, lunch, and play time with Josephine. 12 hours on my feet has given my back a little bit of a workout, it's definitely nice to kick my feet up when I get home. Speaking of feet, they are currently attached to the end of stove pipes, formerly known as ankles! They do get better with rest and elevation but they don't seem to be going back to "normal" anymore.

In week 21, the babies are approximately the length of a carrot. Plus, their eyebrows and eyelids are now present! I feel lots of movements and I can see my belly jump with the pokes/kicks now too! Several friends and family, in addition to Matt, have got to feel these little phenomenons as well! These are feelings I hope to never forget!

Since I'm behind on my picture posting here are last weeks pictures too. I also included a couple pictures of me with some of my best friends from college as well. We all had a great time at Emily's wedding.


Joyce said...

Oh boy, oh girl! I love the pics! You look great. It is fun watching this process evolve. The work will get done--enjoy each day of your pregnancy! These days and memories are special preliminaries to the big show. Love you lots. Love, MOM

The Ludwig's said...

Love that belly, friend! You look incredible and I cannot believe you are almost 22 weeks!! Wish I were closer so that I could feel your babies move! :)

PS-awesome dress in the wedding pics!

Lesley said...

you are adorable! looking forward to seeing more cute baby clothes and watching you grow :)

Jordan said...

How can someone pregnant with twins look as cute as you do in that wedding pic? names. I would like to remind you that you told me your baby girl name in high school. It's from "Shag". REMEMBER???

Lesley said...

Krista, you look absolutely radiant! Love seeing your perfect round belly growing with each passing month. You, Matt and those precious babies are in our prayers! Hope to see you soon!