Friday, April 23, 2010

24 +5

So yesterday we visited the doctor again.  We got to see the babies on ultrasound, which is always fun!  Both babies are growing, our big boy weighing in at approximately 1 lb 12 oz and our little girl weighing in at 1 lb 5 oz.  We saw a different maternal fetal medicine doctor yesterday along with my regular OBGYN and left feeling pretty good.  It was nice to hear a few other opinions about the growth of our little girl.  Yes she is still on the smaller side, measuring out at 24 weeks even.  Our big boy measured at 25 +4 weeks, exactly one week bigger then he is according to my due date. 

The maternal fetal medicine doctor described our baby girl as being slightly asymmetric IUGR.  Meaning her head is growing faster then her body, which is a positive thing if there has to be any sort of IUGR because she is protecting and feeding what's most important, her brain.  If she were symmetric IUGR she believes that would more indicative of a chromosomal defect.  She could also be small for a couple of other reasons.  My OBGYN asked if either side of our family were "small"?  My reply, "um, yes my mom is barely 5 feet tall and she claims to have a huge head" (love you mom)  That being said, my doctor said it could just be hereditary??  My mom being the beautiful women she is...that wouldn't be so bad!  Or, it could be that umbilical cord is not giving her the nutrition she needs.  However, at this time both umbilical cords had adequate blood flow but it's something they will continue to monitor closely.  It could just be that he is taking more nutrition then she is, already not sharing!  They can do ultrasounds as frequently as every 2 weeks but at this point aren't concerned enough to do that, so I will just have my routine (for twins) 4 week ultrasound.  My cervix still looks long and closed (sorry if that's too much information!), which is great!  Because she's on the bottom and he's laying transverse at this point I can count on having a c-section.  If she doesn't continue to grow adequately they would consider delivering me as early as 32 weeks (that would be only if it's better for her and she could thrive more on the outside verses the inside) but the goal is still 37 weeks.  Time will tell and like I've said before I still continue to feel good so I'm trying to take advantage of that.  Eating healthy and staying hydrated are the two things they said to do to help them grow and I've been trying my best.  I already use the little girls room 482 times in a day...what's a few more trips, bring on the water!  Things that are becoming a little tough are, crossing my legs, bending over gracefully, and getting comfortable in bed.  With my 5 or 6 pillows strategically placed around me, Matt is slowly being forced out of the bed.  I'm not sure if it's the queen size bed or the 2 dogs that sleep with us that is putting him over the edge!

Oh something else I should mention, I had a little suspicious looking spot removed from my face last week.  It looked like it could possibly be cancerous so after seeing 3 different doctors about it, I had a specialist remove it last week.  I got notice yesterday that it was noncancerous and no further treatment is necessary, which is wonderful news!  It looks pretty good now, just a few stitches that should dissolve in a few weeks but you may notice it in this weeks picture.  And no, Matt hasn't been hitting me although I have had a couple people seriously ask me that! Just a couple people that have never met Matt and don't realize he couldn't hurt a fly (unless that fly was threatening to hurt me or someone else he loved)!  I have a great husband that has stepped up in many, many ways during that past 6 months and I am thankful for him everyday! 

In week 24, the babies are approximately a foot long, the length of an ear of corn.  Their brains are growing rapidly and they are developing taste buds.  Their skin is still thin and translucent but soon will begin to change.  They have little parties in my belly all the time now!  His movement are much more prominent because her placenta is anterior versus his which is posterior.  When she moves it's more like a jab to the bladder which tickles versus his karate chops and rolls.  I love it all!

Matt washed and stained the deck this week, while I watched!

It really looks great but it was raining today when I took the picture. 

Our sunbathing beauty!

Our piggy

Aunt Amy and cousin Josephine were over for a visit. 

Matt and Bella enjoying our new rocker/recliner!  Many miles will be rocked in that chair I'm sure of it!

Me and a big belly of babies!


Mindy said...

Soooo glad to hear that things are progressing well and the doctor gave you two a positive report. Matt - the deck looks GREAT, you must have inherited the handyman gene from Dad. That little girl will fit right in with the rest of the family...since her Mom, aunts and Grandmas aren't the tallest people in the world! :)

Love you both so much!

Joyce said...

Love you, Honey! We will teach Little Bit how to wear high heels when that day comes--can't you just imagine it when she's about 13? We are eager to meet the Wrestler, too! Won't it be fun to see their little personalities develop? You are doing great taking care of yourself and them. Thank you to Matt, too! He is a loving husband and daddy already! Love you all...Love, MOM

The Ludwig's said...

You look as cute as ever momma! Glad to hear the appointment went well!

Jordan said...

Glad to hear that Matt isn't taking his aggression out on you. I can't believe people would seriously ask you that! So happy to hear the spot on your face wasn't cancerous. See, we shouldn't have worshipped those tanning beds before spring break and prom back in the day. I have sun spots on my face too, which are just cosmetically annoying right now. I wish we would have listened when we were told tanning was bad! Josephine and Amy look adorable, thanks for all the pics! We need to catch up soon--i'll give a call this week!