Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Wardrobe!

So, I'm in my 14 week and officially in maternity gear. Thanks to a great friend, who loaned me her entire maternity wardrobe, I can now rotate more then 3 long sleeved shirts I currently own. It's like I hit a gold mine, from designer jeans to cute tops that don't make me look like I'm wearing a tent, I couldn't be luckier! My sister has passed down her stash too but she was pregnant more in the spring and summer so that will come in handy in a few months, once we get rid of this snow!

This week the babies are the size of lemons and measuring 3 and 1/2 inches long! I'm still feeling good, no complaints!

Below are two pictures, depending on the angle my belly can look pretty big! And in the evening when I get home from working a 12 hour day I look even bigger! I think the muscles get tired of trying to hold everything up and they let loose....Matt just giggles at me then points out where he thinks Baby "A" is verses Baby "B". Bring on the oils and lotions cause there is no stopping the growth of this belly!


The Ludwig's said...

Holy belly Batman! I love it--and I also love those super cute stylish jeans! You look fantastic!!

Mindy said...'re still teeny tiny everywhere else & super cute but just with a little baby bump. I love it! It's pretty exciting to see how you're growing. Thanks for keep us updated.

Love you both,
Auntie M

Jordan said...

You're still looking fantastic! And i love these weekly picture updates--keep 'em coming!