Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

So the word is out and it feels good to share our exciting news with everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the emails, facebook messages, and kind words we've received. We are blessed to be able to share this experience with so many friends and family. Over the past week I've been feeling better, less need to put food into my mouth constantly and even enjoyed my first diet coke in months. My mommy friend Erin said it would help calm me down (after a frustrating 40 minutes on the phone with the U-verse representative...not my most shining moment of this pregnancy, the "crazy" came out of me) Erin explained she enjoyed a few caffeinated beverages throughout her 2nd pregnancy and she thinks it gave her a more laid back baby! Hey, I'll try anything in moderation :)

So even though my eating has slowed down the growth of my belly has not! Above are a few pictures of my growing waistline, which until last week wasn't much different then it was pre-pregnancy. The one in the green shirt (my first real maternity shirt from my sister's collection) is at 12 weeks (when the babies were the size of limes) and the next picture is obviously at 13 weeks (when the babies are the size of medium shrimp!). At this rate when I'm 20 weeks people will be asking me when I'm due with anticipation that I will say weeks away, verses months away. Hey, if I have to gain 100 pound to get these babies healthy and to full term then I say bring it on....but I'm hoping for a lot less!


The Ludwig's said...

Look at your adorable belly! Your nuggets are so lucky to have such a wonderful momma! And don't worry about that caffeine... I indulge in my daily Coke and I enjoy every.last.little.drop So excited to see pics--keep them coming! I hate being far away!

Mindy said...

You have two babies in your belly! You look great and I love that your wedding photo is in the background too. Love you both! xoxo

The Happy Cook said...

You look like a happy, healthy Momma! Too cute! I too loved seeing your wedding picture in the background. So many special memories ahead.
Love you both! Mom Pam

Jordan said...

You look fantastic, K!!! What a cute little belly! Why do i have to be so far away??!!!!! :(