Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet the Doctor

So today I did 3 of my favorite things....went shopping at Target, took a nap, and heard the babies' heartbeats! We had our first official appointment with our OBGYN, Dr. Kasper. I've met her at work but never as a patient myself and Matt came with me and got to meet her too. She was very patient with me and answered all of my questions (and believe you me....I had a list of them!).

The past few days a few things have changed with my pregnancy and because I'm a little crazy...I worry. Monday I discovered I had some pitting edema in my ankles, which happens in pregnancy however usually a little later in the game. Because I'm carrying twins Dr. Kasper reassured me it's because I have more fluid and it will most likely get worse before it gets better. With rest on Tuesday my ankles got better but after 12 hours of work Wednesday there was a little swelling but hardly noticeable! All the more excuse to put my feet up and rest! I also checked my blood pressure while I was at work (remember I'm crazy) and it was a little high for me. Dr. Kasper reassured me that because I'm pregnant my heart is working 40% harder and when I'm "working" (not completely calm and resting) it will be increased. She just doesn't want to see the diastolic (the bottom number of your blood pressure) in the 90s and mine has been in the 70s, so I'm ok. And, there were a few times I saw "stars" but again I have an increase blood volume and it's all going to the babies so it is all ok as long as my blood pressure stays ok. Hey...I'm new at this! I know I'm a nurse, but I think that makes me more crazy then normal! All and all, I still feel good with no real complaints!

This week the babies weigh 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of apples) and they are 4 inches long. I have also been feeling the occasional "bubble" movement in my belly. I hesitate to say flutter because that's not what it feels like. I would better describe it as a fish tapping it's fish tank. But who knows....maybe it's gas?

Oh yea...we also found out the due date has changed....well maybe it didn't change but we were misinformed. Based on the first ultrasound we had the due date is now 8/8/2010 (also Matt's birthday!). With the excitment of the pregnancy and then the shock of the twin pregnancy it's possible we were not totally in tune (interpret as...jaws on the floor, eyes bugging out of head, zoned out type of shock!)

We scheduled our next ultrasound for March 23rd, when I'll be 20+2 weeks. We will have an in-depth ultrasound on the babies at that appointment and hopefully be able to find out the genders of each baby! But most importantly we are anxious to find out each baby is healthy and growing well.

WARNING****I said I'd never do this, but below are some pictures of my naked belly, I figured before it gets stretched to the max I'd post a few pictures while it's still presentable! Hey the bigger the belly the bigger the babies and that's the goal, big healthy babies!

I took these two pictures in the bathroom mirror myself. My belly button is already much wider than it is normally!


The Ludwig's said...

Yeah for strong healthy baby heartbeats! That is great news! When I first felt Harrison move, I compared the feeling to a fish bumping into it's bowl, so it could totally be baby movement. AND can you please tell me about that black tank you are wearing? I think I need one!

Jordan said...

That's all so great to hear, K! Glad you're doing well, and the little ones too! Your belly looks amazing so far--getting much bigger but no stretch marks at all...must be all that "greasing it up from neck to knee".

Mindy said...

Every time I read the blog...I get all tear eyed! Love these updates. Yay for healthy babies!! XOXO