Saturday, April 6, 2013

Potty Champ #2!

That's right.  We are officially a home of only one baby in diapers.  In over 2.5 years we've never had that!  2 weeks ago Matt was on Daddy duty (after I  had worked a weekend night and was "napping" the day away) and Oliver declared he was ready to wear big boy underwear!  Since then he's had maybe 4-5 "accidents" here and there but he's definitely got it.  The key for us has been...we have not pushed the issue at all.  They declared they were ready on their own.  Now don't be fooled...Oliver may have been ready before the "average boy" because his sister was going potty like a big girl and being praised and rewarded.  For right now, they get a M&M or a Jelly Bean after each successful trip.  High five my big boy, we couldn't be more proud!

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Joyce said...

Congratulations Oliver! GeeGee is very proud of you!