Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bye bye paci's

Yep.  Their gone.  All done.  No more pacis for our big kids.  We left them outside for the paci fairy.  They both willing put their pacis outside one night (Oliver was surprisingly ok with it, Vivian had real sad tears) for the paci fairy with the hopes she would trade them for a special new toy in the morning when they woke up.  They were just using these pacis for nap time and bedtime.  Because our first weekend without paci's was a busy Easter weekend, bedtime has not been a challenge however nap time was a bit of a struggle.  One week later I think we have mostly overcome that issue and we have found our new normal.  

So long good friends...your departure took us from mommy's little babies to mommy's little big kids. 

So long good friends.  

We woke up to prizes left by the paci fairy!

Oliver got a new "Gordon" train!

Vivian got a new baby!

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