Sunday, May 29, 2011

11 months...

Yep...I'm behind, again.

Our days are busy, fun-filled with playing, napping, crawling, eating, play dates, running errands, a full-time working Daddy, a part-time working Mommy, eating, family events, napping, pulling up on everything, cruising, napping, bath time, get the idea...we are just busy having fun!  Can you believe it, I can't........ Our babies are 11 months old!  We are just a few weeks away from their first birthday!  We are survivors.  By we I mean, Matt and I, Oliver and Vivian, my Mom and Dad for their endless daily sacrifices (for example: Granny sitting, calling my dad in a panic to come hang the curtains in the babies room due to the 6 AM wake ups we've been having because of an earlier sunrise), my sister for her multiple consultations and babysitting, Granny Pam for her Granny sitting, and our many, many friends for their chats, dinner fun and late night Target runs!

So at 11 months...Vivian is a big girl, growing every day.  She is still eating 4 bottles per day taking an average of 18-20 oz per day.  In the past week I introduced whole milk into her sippy 1-2 times per day.  Her interest in that varies from day to day taking maybe an ounce or so.  She really enjoys drinking water from her sippy cup!  She will drink up to 3 or 4 ounces at a time.  She's eating table food pretty much exclusively now.  Favorites include: peas, green beans, pear pieces, blueberries, turkey dogs, yogurt, peach pieces, cheese slices, gold fish crackers, cheetos, turkey lunch meat, black beans.  Not so keen on carrots or ground turkey.  Vivian is working on tooth number 7 and 8 this week, 4 on top, 4 on bottom!  She's now wearing size 3 diapers in the day and at night.  (Only because pampers stopped making her size 2-3 diaper).  She is wearing size 6-9 month clothing and still some 3-6 month clothes.  She is just a tiny little thing and I haven't weighed them recently so I'm not quite sure what her exact weight is but I'll try to do that tomorrow.  She is crawling on all 4's and is fast...very, very fast.  She knows all the "hot spots" and when I'm not looking she can be to those "hot spots" in a flash!  Vivian can pull up on anything and can cruise one or two steps.

Oliver is still a big boy but with his new found love for crawling and cruising, I honestly think he hasn't put on any weight.  He's getting longer and leaner.  He's still eating 4 bottles per day taking an average of 16-20 oz per day.  He too has been getting some whole milk in his sippy cup 1-2 times per day.  He is not into it at all but I'm sure with time he'll learn to enjoy it :)  Oliver will drink some water here and there but still seems to prefer his bottle.  Oliver loves table food and is pretty much exclusively eating that now.  Occasionally, I can talk them into sharing a jar of fruit but both babies much prefer to feed themselves.  Favorites are pretty much the same as Vivian's with the addition of watermelon!  He loves watermelon!  He too is not keen on carrots and only semi-interested in ground turkey.  Oliver is also working on tooth number 7 and 8 this week, 4 on top 4 on bottom.  He is wearing size 4 diapers in the day and a night.  Oliver is wearing size 12 month summer clothes!  Let's hope it stays warm because his 9 month warm clothes are getting a little tight!  Oliver is crawling on all 4's and he's fast, fast, fast!  This mommy doesn't do much sitting any more!  He crawls, pulls up on anything and can walk behind his push toy.  He's pretty proud of himself when he does but can't quite figure out how to make it turn so when he hits the wall, fireplace or back door he plops down on his bottom and crawls to his intended destination.  He too know where all the "hot spots" are and can be there in a blink of the eye.

The babies favorite toys right now include the Fisher Price "door" which we've had for months but they've taken a new liking to it now that they can crawl and pull up on it and play.  They both still enjoy reading books (Vivian still enjoy nippling on their corners), Oliver enjoys the push toy and both enjoy bouncing balls and rolling cars on the wood floor.  Oliver is big into giving hugs and kisses but mostly to Vivian and Zoe, the pug.

I talked about "hot spots" and those are as follows:  open doors into rooms they are not allowed (bathroom, spare bedroom, laundry room etc.), the night lights, the dog's food and water bowls!, the cell phone charging cord, the dog's bell they ring on the back door to go outside, the door stops, the fire place, the curtains and blinds if not appropriately get the point!

We've got a summer vacation planned this summer and we are sooooo looking forward to having a week away, yet nervous for our 12 hour drive and our new sleeping arrangements.  The babies are flexible so we are just going to keep our figures crossed for a fun, fun week!'s to some practice naps in our pack'n'play staring this week!

We are 11 months old today!

We are learning to like sitting in the grass!

We don't usually sit in the grass in our diaper but... who knows....

I went to Bloomington last week for 2 nights away with some of my bestest college friends to celebrate my friend "Red's" bachelorette party, aka Allison!  She's in the black dress on the left, next to "Bean" aka Colleen,  above her is Lesley, me, snuggled in next to me is Lisa, under her is my friend "DUB" aka Katie, next to "Nan" aka Emily.  We had a GREAT time!

My sister happened to be there for a girls weekend with her girlfriends as well so we had a chance to hang out too!

Our first dip in the kiddie pool.  It was an unintentional dip, we just meant to put their feet in but with the splashing and the kicking and the reaching out for the water we just plopped them in the cold water!

 They seemed to like it!

 Family shot!


Tori!! said...

You are so not right! You guys all coordinate in your family shot around the kiddie pool! Love it.

Joyce said...

Your days are packed with fun! Love the update and the pictures! These are such happy babies! Love!

Valarie said...

Krista! I always forget about your blog and when I remember get so excited to see what is going on. So, I just put a link on my blog so I can always pop by and see what is happening.

I could just eat those babies. They are too cute. I think some law is being broken with how cute they are.

I bet they do keep you busy. I can relate with two, but mine are 14 months apart. So, I feel for you.

I definitely need to see those two when I come to town. My girls would LOVE them. Add Josephine to the mix and you got a party!

Hope all is well. Love all the pics!