Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 months!

 Our photo shoots are becoming harder and harder...

Where's that piece of paper?

Funny faces...

We LOVE paper!

Are you done yet?  I'm outta here!

Our babies are getting so BIG!  

Let's start will our little Miss V.  She is weighing in at 16.5 pounds (on our home scale).  She's wearing 6 month clothing (truth be told she can still wear some 3 month clothes and she even wore a 0-3 month dress a few weekends ago).  She's still wearing size 2-3 diapers and a size 3 diaper at night.  She is eating well still taking 4 bottles per day averaging about 18 ounces a day.  She drinks from her sippy cup a couple times a day too.  She is loving table food and eating less and less baby food.  Some of her favorites include:  green beans, blueberries, bananas, yogurt, pear pieces, cheese-its, cheetos and crackers.  She has 2 bottom teeth still and recently 3 teeth on top have broken through her gum line.  Vivian can  be very vocal and and definitely lets you know when she unhappy to be put down or walked away from.  Vivian loves books...nibbling on books, reading books and touching the Touchy Feely Usbourne books my aunt gave them are definitely a favorite!  Recently, Vivian has become a whiz at army crawling, which is now her preferred mode of transportation.  She can get anywhere she wants!  Vivian will lean in for a kiss but isn't too fond of giving them out although she has a time or two.  Vivian gives the most precious "pat pats" as a sign of affection to me and to the dogs when they sit close enough. 

Mr. O is weighing in at 22 pounds (on our home scale).  He's still wearing 9 month clothing (12 month summer clothes because I refuse to buy any more winter clothes).  Oliver is still wearing size 3 diapers and a size 4 diaper at night.  He is still eating 4 bottles per day averaging 20 - 26 ounces per day.  Oliver is drinking from his sippy cup a couple times a day.  Oliver loves table food and he too is eating less and less baby food.  His favorites are pretty much the same as Vivian's: green beans, blueberries, bananas, yogurt, pear pieces, cheese-its, cheetos and crackers.  Oliver has 4 bottom teeth and 2  top teeth that have recently broken through the gum line.  Oliver can say MaMa...which was his first word!  Recently he's been making all sorts of sounds...many more words to come!   Oliver loves to give his Mommy open mouth kisses, he also loves to bear hug the dogs and his sister....none of them appreciate this type of affection just yet. 

Favorite toys right now include the car ramp, which they have learned cars, balls, pacifiers, blocks and rings will travel down, unlike the remote, large balls, bottles and phones which don't fit!  The Fisher Price Kitchen is a hit and both babies love books.  Both babies are toy stealer's and pacifier stealer's (right out of the other one's mouth!) from one another.  However, they love to offer me their pacifier and laugh hysterically if I pretend to put it in my mouth!  Both babies love to stand with assistance.  We took them to church on Easter and they were so good.  Vivian sat in my lap with her head against my chest for the first 15 minutes and played shy and Oliver was busy entertaining the 5 or 6 rows behind us in Matt's lap.  Both babies gave many smiles away but Oliver too was quick to lay his head down on our shoulders and act shy.  With every new development and new milestone met I realize my babies are growing into little people...so now I must go stop Oliver from pulling down the curtains because that boy is on the move....


Joyce said...

Smiling at your update! These two will continue to amaze you as they learn something new every day! Adorable!

Mindy said...

They are getting so big and SO active! Love these updates...I always look forward to the next post.

Love you guys!
Miss you all.

Julia said...

Those are some beautiful babies!

My girls still wear a 0-3 month dress as a shirt :) I love that---I feel like I've gotten maxium use out of it.

Have a very wonderful Mother's Day!