Monday, February 21, 2011

play date fun!

 We've been trying to be more "fun" and having more play dates and getting out and about a little more often even though the weather is back to crummy around here (we had a week of weather in the 50-60s!).  We had a few play dates this past week that were sometimes more ciaos and craziness then not but that's what's fun, right?!?!  

 Silly Josephine!

You know I love the "mad" face.  Truly, they are few and far between so when I can catch them on camera...even better!

Oliver decided to eat the entire pacifier (that's a soothie pacifer for those who can't identify what that actually is in his mouth)!  Maybe that's how he got those wrist rolls?  I love those rolls!

Let me grab your face Grandpa Hursh!

Omer teaches Oliver how to play the drums...oh boy!

Vivian is all dressed up to go shopping with her mama!

A smiley, happy girl!

Play date with Brooks...Vivian's potential boyfriend #1

Harrison, potential boyfriend #2 (older yet in 30 years when she's allowed to date a 2 year age difference won't matter!) The dogs were a big fan of his yogurt snacks!

Noah and Oliver, best buds (Vivian's potential boyfriend #3).  Noah is 2 months younger then the babies but these boys both weigh about 20 pounds...Oliver is about 2 inches shorter!

Oliver smiling around the ever present pacifier!

Why's that dog barking over there?

We turned on Sesame Street for the first time today...I think they liked it! 

We are tuning 8 months old this week so stay tuned for a 8 month update!  Every day the babies are changing and learning new things...I can barely keep up with their ever growing list of new skills!  We are in a really good stage right now and if I haven't said it before I'd like to freeze time right now and keep these babies right where they are at for a little bit....not forever, just long enough to enjoy each and every moment because life is moving so quickly!

Because we haven't shared what we are thankful for recently here's a little list...
  • bouncy balls...the babies both love to hold a mini soccer ball and a huge purple bouncy to come!
  • a consistent full nights sleep for all 4 of us
  • play dates
  • napping in the car seat at target
  • hand me down clothes for Oliver from our friends Harrison and Brooks
  • consistent napping schedule!
  • baby bath time!
  • evening walk with warm weather
  • dinner with work friends and adult conversation
  • McCalister's iced tea
  • our first cleaning house has never been cleaner, money well spent to help this mama get caught up!


Joyce said...

I love them happy, I love them mad, I love them silly...I love them inside out! Just love them!
Granny B

Tori!! said...

Both so precious! Especially vivian's shopping outfit! Sad I missed the playdate!