Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photos, Photos, Photos....

Another pacifer bandit strikes!   

JoJo came over for a "playdate" and she's munching on some dinner in her new favorite Elmo gear from Granny!

Vivian can finally sit up and play along side her brother!

Uncle Mark and Omer came over to play! 

This is what Vivian would look like if her hair didn't stand on end :) 

We've moved our play space to our dining room so we can spread out! 

Aunt Amy reads to Oliver and Josephine. 

Vivian playing in the Exersaucer! 

Josephine is checking Bella out! 

Bella is very tolerant of all the babies!

 Two girls just hanging out....

Bath time is our favorite! 

She loves to splash and giggle! 

Oliver is such a big big boy!  Who wouldn't want to just squeeze him?!?! 

Doesn't she look so sweet?!?! 

It's been super cold here but Mommy needed to get out of the house so we headed to Target today!  This is the babies in the "limo" stroller at Target!

They don't mind the carseats at all, in fact they enjoy a nap on the go from time to time!

After our Target trip we went to Aunt Amy's.  This is Vivian trying out Josephine's chair....she approves and in fact she told me she'd like one.  

Playing with a new batch of toys in Josephine's room...such fun!


Joyce said...

Oh,the places you'll go...and the fun you'll have! Great pictures! Love, Granny

Mindy said...

Oliver's chubby little arms are the cutest - he looks like Matt as a baby. And Vivian with that wild hair is so adorable.

Miss you guys tons.

Aunt Mindy

Mindy said...

P.S I have the 7 1/2 month old photo as the background on my computer. It makes me smile every morning. :)