Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toot Toot...

Because this is my baby book of sorts I want to make sure I document our big milestones...and to me this is big!  So here I am going to toot Vivian's horn.

On Friday morning of last week Vivian insisted on wearing her big girl panties.  I was reluctant but as I've learned in the past two and a half years...pick your battles, Krista, pick your battles.  I tossed out her pink panties and she quickly went to work putting them on.  Prior to this, she's worn her panties around the house probably 3 times, for oh say, a couple hours each.  That's it.  She been practicing using the potty for probably about 6 months at her leisure.  Before bath I'd offer, if she occasionally woke up from nap dry, or sometimes she'd ask me to "see potty, Mommy".  I reminded her we don't pee pee in our big girl panties and if she did she would have to put a diaper back on.  Long story short, tomorrow marks one week of wearing panties full time without ANY accidents!  Who in their right mind would choose to potty train their child starting December 21st, which starts possibly the busiest craziest week of the year!?  I'd hardly call what's happened this last week "train".  We've been out and about at family Christmas parties, Christmas at the Zoo, outside playing in the snow and more.   I've been too busy to even remember to frequently ask her if she needs to go.  She tells me or the closest person around she's gotta go and off she runs!  Even though I've put a diaper on her for every nap she's woken up dry each day and the past 2 morning she's woken up dry too!  I shouldn't be surprised this is how it has worked out,  this little lady has had a mind of her own from day one.  She's determined, smart, witty, sneaky, sweet, loving and the best big sister I've met since my very own.

On December 26th Vivian officially turned 2 and 1/2.  Vivian Marie, I am beyond proud of you and I love you.

Oliver like Vivian prior to last Friday uses the potty when it's his idea.  I rarely offer it and let him ask me to go when he's wants.  But Oliver, don't worry, when you are ready to shine I will praise you equally but until then let me know when you want to "see Potty" and we will keep at it at your will.  You too are doing great!

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Joyce said...

Vivian is a wonderful little lady--and so much like her mommy! That is exactly how her mommy potty trained--insisting on Jan. 2 (the day after turning 2 1/2) that she would not be wearing a diaper any more! And didn't! GeeGee is proud of you too, Vivian! You are growing up so well! Love!