Thursday, December 20, 2012

Catch up!

Minnie and Mickey Mouse kiss their little pumpkin on Halloween.   

Matt and I found time to go to one more IU game for the season...we left the kids at home! 

First time to try a MumMum

Silly faces!

First time to try this a face of love?

A happy four month old!  She weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces.

At the big kid's school for a Thanksgiving celebration.  

Violet would like to try the turkey leg on Thanksgiving!

A new ornament to add to our collection!

We ventured out to the Christmas tree farm.  We took a wagon ride, saw animals, went down slides and more!  Violet stayed home because it was pretty cold out that day.  

Christmas love.  

Another trip to the Children's museum.  

An IU Mickey mouse hat made by our friend JoAnne!

Santa's little helper.

New big kid pillows.  Vivian's telling me "light hurts eyes" when I'm flashing the camera over and over.

School Christmas performance.  Vivian is sitting hidden behind the manger and Oliver refused to take his blue jacket off and put on the matching Frosty the snowman t-shirt.  This is the best picture I got because I was too busy trying to hid behind all the other parents so they wouldn't see me!  Neither cried because both were too busy sucking on their paci's.  (We will be saying bye bye to the paci's in the new year as soon as I get the courage to take them away).  All in all a win...they got up on the stage!

Happy 5 months her hair falls out what's left of it stands on end!  Violet has been teasing us and sleeping about 11 hours at night about 50% of the time, on her off night she's still up to eat just once.  She is wearing a size 3 diaper and size 3-6 month clothes.  She's a very happy girl who loves to find and grab her toes.  Violet already has her 2 bottom teeth!  She is still taking Alimentum about 6ish ounces 5 times per day.  She naps 3 times a day but napping isn't really her thing.  She'd much prefer to hang out with mommy, daddy and her brother and sister.  She's a nosey little lady and loves to watch everything that goes on around her especially her brother and sister playing.  She's recently discovered her voice and has been treating us to all sorts of high pitched shrills of joy.  She's tried, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears and applesauce.  She's yet to turn her nose up! 

We are excited to celebrate Christmas and will be back to update again soon!

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Joyce said...

Fun Fall heading into some Happy Holidays! Hope you and your little ones enjoy it all!