Monday, March 26, 2012

iPhone photos

The kids (and I) had hand/foot/mouth disease again a few weeks ago and this is sickly Vivian enjoying having her Daddy brush her hair.  So sweet.  

Vivian taking Oliver for a wagon ride...she insisted.  

The kids sampled their first oatmeal cream pie (remember their mommy is pregnant?!? there is all sorts of junk in this house.  Matt told me I was buying cookies "like they were the last ones ever to be made") and they approved!  Oliver gobbling his half right up and Vivian savoring every last bite in her grubby little paw!

Vivian enjoying rocks.  

Oliver loves flowers!

"Who me? I didn't dump the entire box of cheese-its?!" -Guilty

Pushing the lawnmower and the baby stroller and enjoying the beautiful weather!

They both like to "pretend sleep"

I made them a bean box and they love to dig, find hidden bugs and run their fingers through the beans.  

Talking about ducks, geese, birds, fish, water with their Daddy!

Both Vivian and Oliver are so much fun right now.  The say new words every day.  Oliver is still into colors and loves the movie Rio.  Vivian is still into her babies (and has been known to put them in time out with they are naughty, too funny!) and loves all animals.  We have been doing lots of puzzles, playing outsides with brooms, shoves and sidewalk chalk nearly every day!  


Joyce said...

Love Vivian, love Oliver, love Spring!

Pam said...

Such cutie pies and they are having so much fun being outside! Hugs!