Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1st Haircuts!

Just wanted to check in to document a little of what we've been doing!  Below are a couple of pictures from New Years Eve.  We had a low key night, Matt made me dinner after the kids went to bed and we could barely keep our eye open to see the ball drop at midnight.  We're pretty exciting!  The only thing that would keep these two sitting still was to pass over our iPhone's, I'll do just about anything for snap shot of these two together.  

Up next was Oliver's first haircut.  On January 5th I bit the bullet and took him to get his hair cut.  It was long overdue.  His bangs were hanging in his eyes and the hair behind his ears was so long it was like he had sprouted wings and was ready to take off in flight.  But getting his hair cut meant my baby was turning into a big boy.  As I suspected things did not go so well, he wasn't really a happy camper.  

A brief pause in crying to have one bite of pirates booty.  

No thank you, I do not want a snack.  

Vivan sucking on her sucker holding mommy's money thinking "don't you dare make me do that!"

Almost done!

The after...so cute, such a big boy!

So the next day, January 6th, I was having regrets I didn't get Vivian's hair trimmed up too.  So I got my old hair cutting scissors out and trimmed her hair up myself.  

This girl will do anything for a few M&M's.  

The final product....less of a mullet more of a big girl!

The remains...

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Joyce said...

I like the new hair styles! So adorable!