Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is so close we can taste it!

Big swing, little lady!

Even a big swing makes a big boy look little!

 Swinging with Daddy is fun!

On the swing with Mommy!

A slide made for two!


All it took for the babies to try and actually enjoy the kiwi was seeing Mommy eat it...then they were sold!

Not that flash again, Mommy!

Yum, a big bite of a bagel!

Getting the hang of this sippy cup!

The weather was in the the high 70s so we had to get out for our first ride in the stroller like big kids!  Displaying his 2 teeth with pride!

Stroller ride success!

Many more stroller rides to come!


Joyce said...

Beautiful pictures...looks like a fun playground! Spring and Summer hold many new adventures--o the places you'll go! Fun!
Love, Granny

Lesley said...

I wanna go down the slide with them! so cute.

Pam said...

Such great photos! Always so fun to see what's new.
So many fun days ahead - hurry up spring!
Love the twinsie slide : )
Hugs, Grammy Pam