Monday, October 11, 2010

Lots of pictures

Bella resting her head on Vivian's buds!

 Oliver is looking smart in Daddy's glasses!

Talking with Granny.

Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man (with Vivian's paci)

(without Vivian's paci)

 Love between Daddy and his boy (and Bella's never too far).  

Vivian looking pretty

We cheered for IU but they lost this week.  

Vivian ready for her bath and tube change.  

Oliver ready for his bath

Even though they are still quite different in size we think they are starting to look more and more alike!

Vivian's ready for Halloween.

Have I mentioned I love when they match? :)

Oliver's ready too!


We are still growing, growing, growing here in the Hursh Home!  Vivian's weighing in around 11 pounds and Oliver weighs about 15 and 1/2 pounds (taken on our home scale).  

Vivian is still working on her oral feedings.  In the above pictures we had her tube out to be changed so there were many photos taken that day because I just love her clean, fresh face!  

I hate to even type this because I don't want to jinx anything but for the past 4 nights Oliver has been sleeping 12ish hours!!!  Occasionally he still gets one, maybe two pacifier "fixes" but that's been it.  No bottles, no soothing back to sleep...nothing!  He sleeps with anywhere from 3 to 5 paci's in his bed so I can just pop the closest one in his open mouth, one day soon I hope he'll reach over and do it himself. Napping for him has become the challenge.   He naps 3 to 4 times a days still but we usually only get one that's longer then 45 minutes and sometimes as short as 30 minutes.  Oh well, I'll take it since he's sleeping through the night!  This makes for a tired baby by the end of the day so it's no wonder he sleeps through the night!  All of his naps and sleeping are done in his crib (unless we are out and about and he's more then happy to take a snooze in his car seat!).  Both babies are easy to lay down, no fussing or rocking, just lay them down and off to dream land they go, which is a real lifesaver when you  have 2 babies!  Vivian is still a good sleeper and napper.  Although she too has the occasional short nap, if only they could coordinate their short naps and their long naps.... Tonight we are moving Vivian out of our room because she is a noisy sleeper!  We are in such a good place with Oliver's sleeping I've decided I'm letting go of the dream of them sharing a least for now.  Maybe when they are both sleeping through the night we'll revisit the idea.  We are still "cheating" and feeding Vivian a couple times through the night with her tube and I'm afraid if Oliver saw us hanging out in the nursery for 20 minutes or so while her feeding went in he would think it was time to wake up and party! thanks!  Vivian is doing about the same with her bottles and Matt and I continue to be patient with her, reminding ourselves it will come with time.  

Both babies have found their hands, clasping them together and putting their fists in their mouths.  Oliver likes to hold his burp cloths in his little grubby paw so even though I was pushing for a cute little "lovie" he's chosen his own, a dirty ol' burp cloth...go figure, he's a boy! He takes it and rubs it on his face and is as happy as can be.  Each baby continue to express their distaste with "tummy time" but this mean Mommy keeps trying a few times a day!  The smiles and coos continue from both baby and we are enjoying each day!  

Again...I'd like to mention 10 things I'm thankful for this week....
  1. Video monitors
  2. Face to face chat with family on our new iPhones
  3. Waking up to Oliver's coos
  4. Vivian's gummy grins in the morning
  5. Miralax for Vivian
  6. Cute hand-me-down clothes from Josephine
  7. Sara the Speech Therapist
  8. The babies enjoyment of "naked time" before baths
  9. A wonderful husband who is still sharing all the night time duty even though he is working full time
  10. This extra month off of work
Below Matt upload some video, which I hope to do more of so check that out too!


Joyce said...

Those are the cutest pumpkins of the season! Great pictures...even the one with the Granny! I love the new video addition to the blog. Keep 'em coming! LYL. Love, MOM

Lesley said...

love the new pics, happy early halloween to vivian and oliver!