Wednesday, October 20, 2010

16 weeks old and Changes!

The babies are getting sooo big!  This will be my last update before I go back to work so I will try to keep up with my posts but life around here is about to change!  I'm going to be working 2 nights a week so for right now my mom will be watching the babies for a few hours while I sleep in the morning after work.  Because of Vivian's tricky feeding issues we are thankful she's able to help out.  As soon as we get Vivian a little more figured out in the feeding department Matt's mom will be helping out too!

The babies are both doing really well.  Oliver is still sorta sleeping through the night.  He's not eating for 11 - 12 hours but does require a few pacifier "fixes" through the night...we'll take it!  Vivian's feedings are coming along.  This week she's taking all of her bottles during the day and we are not supplementing anything through the tube until after she goes to bed.  Monday we went to Riley to see the Speech Therapist I've been working with over the phone, Sara (my saving grace).  Sara and I talk about every 3 or 4 days (sometimes daily) to tweak Vivian's feedings and feeding plan.  We have been pushing her to take more volume in an effort to get rid of her NG tube.  She's up to about 10 or 11 ounces during the day time hours (7am - 8pm) and we need her to take more like 15 or so ounces in 24 hours before we can be rid or the tube.  Most people probably don't calculate how many ounces their babies eat, as long as they are growing and are satisfied you might never think of it.  We hope to get there one day too!  Oliver takes about 22 to 26 ounces per day, as you will see below in the pictures he doesn't miss a meal!  Sara taught me how to start "dropper" feeding Vivian as well.  The babies are almost 4 months old and it's time to start tasting some "baby food".  Right now we are trying oatmeal (I'm pretty sure more comes out then actually stays in :)).  We hope this will help strengthen her feeding skills.  Pictures of that to come!  I'll be touching base with Sara tomorrow to adjust the plan and push Vivian even more, things are ever changing!  For now enjoy the pictures below of our beautiful babies!

The best group shot we could get.

 Taken moments after her smiles....Oliver looks confused.

 Taken approximately 2.2 seconds after Vivian's melt down stopped (I, of course, get a little chuckle out of their mad faces caught on camera!). 

Vivian's tapping toes don't quite reach the ground yet. 

Mommy and her babies!

Aren't Vivian's socks so cute!

Oliver's socks are adorable too!

Such a BIG boy!

Vivian watching Sunday football with Daddy...


The Havens Family said...

I'm so glad Vivian is eating so well!! And I can't believe you are heading back to work so soon! Craziness :) :)

Joyce said...

I too love the mad face pictures! The cuteness does not change when they cry!
I wish your mom lots of luck...oh, wait, I am your mom! :) Looking forward to the fun! We'll do fine. Love, MOM

Pam said...

What a fun bunch! Love the photos!
Love, Mom/Pam

Mindy said...

They are getting so big! Do they have Halloween costumes? If so, we'll definitely need pictures!